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  1. MiniB

    Kluson - Grover set screw alignment....the details!

    Hello All, (if this is old news for some, then forgive me for the redundancy) In many discussions regarding switching between Kluson and Grover tuners on Gibsons, there is still some debate as to whether the bottom rear set screw is in the same position for both tuners. Well, after switching...
  2. MiniB

    NGD - 2020 USA Les Paul Standard 50's WW Select

    Soooo...... 2020 Wildwood Select USA Les Paul Standard in 'Unburst'. Got it because I wanted another Les Paul that had a neck shape similar to my ES-335 with medium c neck profile. This one's neck is .88" to .98", feels great and much closer to my ES-335 than the ginormous neck I had on an...
  3. MiniB

    Topwrapping reduces high end?

    Hello All, I know there's been plenty of discussion on the effects of top wrapping a stop tailpiece on string bendability, but this is more a tonal matter. On my recent USA Les Paul Standard, since the neck angle/bridge height is more than a Historic's I've either had to hike the stop...
  4. MiniB

    Favorite One-Two Punch

    Who its your favorite guitar dynamic-duo in a band? I'm sure for many, Duane & Dickey, Felder & Walsh, even the Young Bros. are all up there. But for me, and fittingly so with recent's these boys:
  5. MiniB

    Shorter bracket for ES Pickguard

    Just installed one of these and it's a cool little mod that's almost unnoticeable to most, but makes a difference. It's a shorter pickguard bracket. The normal one is I believe around 1", and they're all offered through WD/Kluson in additional lengths of 1.25" and .875". I went with an .875" on...
  6. MiniB

    Should I Double-Cream It....?

    Sounds dirty! Anyway, I've always wanted to do double-cream pickups on a Les Paul. But for me it has to be a certain a lemon burst or something not so Cherry or Iced Tea. I like to call it a Lemon or Orange Creamsicle. I've got this Wildwood Select USA Les Paul Standard 50's...
  7. MiniB

    SOLD! Thanks.

    Hello All, Well, it's time that I made a plunge for an R9, so I need to sell the R8 to make some room and some $$. So here goes.... 2013 Gibson Les Paul Historic 1958 Reissue, figured in GLOSS (not VOS) Sunrise Tea Burst. All stock/original. - 8 lbs, 7 oz - .93" 1st fret, 1.01" 12th fret -...
  8. MiniB

    NGD: 2019 (2018) Memphis ES-335 DOT - A Journey

    This is a long one, so sorry in advance but hopefully it will help those also looking into 335's... So decided to take the plunge....again...on an ES-335. I've had 6 order - a 1990 USA, a Memphis Fat Neck, a 1982 USA, a Rusty Anderson and two different Nashville '59 Reissues. My...
  9. MiniB

    Why does this happen.....?

    This may have been gone through before, but why is there varying depths that an ES-335's neck sits in the body? You can tell by how high/low the pick guard sits compared to the cutaway....and consequently the pickups and bridge/tailpiece...... And then a lot of the originals all seem to...
  10. MiniB

    What song says "Gibson" to you?

    Is there or was there a song that made you want to play a Gibson guitar? Something that you associate with them, or a solo or the like that is so uniquely a Gibson, or made you want to play one? Of course there's the old thing of Led Zeppelin I being recorded with a Tele, that's neither here...
  11. MiniB

    'New' 60's Cherry.....anyone got pics?

    Hi, Looking into some recent ES-335's, trying to get a realistic feel for the new "60's Cherry" finish. I'm not crazy about the way the wide grain is darker in some pics....looks like a stain job done on wood that wasn't prepped right or something. But then I don' know if the contrast is...
  12. MiniB

    Which recent SG standards have larger necks?

    Hi All, Wondering if I can get some help. Looking to get an SG Standard, but can't deal with slim-taper necks. Read various specs over the past several years, and sometimes they conflict. Like some will say a 'rounded' profile for a 2019, but then the Gibson archive says it's a slim taper...
  13. MiniB

    This Junior........

    .........sounds absolutely incredible. Helps that the player is really good, of course. :) When I try to explain sometimes to guitar players just how much range this simple one-pickup wonder has, from now on I'll just link them this vid.
  14. MiniB

    Amusing solution to strange overtones on an R8.....

    Hey All, It just started happening tonight, and on the plain strings only for whatever reason. Just these weird added overtones that were like a quarter-step off in frequency and oscillating quickly. Looked at everything, behind the nut, behind the bridge, took off the pick guard, in the...
  15. MiniB

    VOS Finish still the same?

    Hello All, It's ben a long time since I posted, had stopped playing for a while because o health issues and other things. So forgive me if this post is redundant, but I'm wondering if the VOS finish is still that super-tacky nasty 'goop' they used to apply. The last Historic I had with a VOS...
  16. MiniB

    FS: Wampler Paisley Drive

    Wampler Paisley Drive. No marks or issues, perfect working order. $105.00 shipped Paypal f/f preferred, thanks.
  17. MiniB

    Faber ABR-59 ABR-1 Bridge, Nickel

    Like new Faber ABR-59 ABR-1 replacement bridge for Historics and Gibsons with standard 6-32 bridge posts. Nickel new/unaged. Nickel plated brass saddles. Slotted from factory. $50 shipped, PayPal f/f preferred. Thanks.
  18. MiniB

    Gibson Custom (Nashville) Historic 1959 ES-335 Cherry I will include (reimburse) shipping for MLP members. Thanks!
  19. MiniB

    FS: Gibson Custom 1959 ES-335TDC, Nashville Historic, '12

    $3150.00. On MLP members, I will cover/reimburse shipping. Thanks!
  20. MiniB

    FS: Tone King Imperial Listed at $1400.00 + $50.00 shipping, but I will accept an offer of $1300.00 shipping included if you mention you are an MLP member. Thanks for looking.

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