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  1. KS 5150

    NGD : 2019 Gibson SG Standard w/ Sideways Vibrola

    I just recently picked up a NOS '19 SG Standard out of London. I've been lusting for this specific model since I saw Jake Kiszka of GVF rocking an original '61 over the past couple of years, and was so happy when this came out at last year's NAMM. I had a previous 2004 SG w/ Bigsby, but sold...
  2. KS 5150

    2004 Gibson SG Standard with added Bigsby $800

    Hey guys, I am desperately trying to get back my '89 Custom and need to raise funds for that. I have a pretty minty 2004 SG Standard with an added licenced Bigsby tremolo system, in Vintage Cherry. I've owned the guitar since Feb 2018, and it's great, but something has to be sacrificed to...
  3. KS 5150

    1984 Marshall JCM 800 4104 2X12 Combo

    This thread is for the general discussion of the amplifiers 1984 Marshall JCM 800 4104 2X12 Combo. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. KS 5150

    Best birthday gift ever! RR content

    Hi Everybody, I've actually had this guitar at home since yesterday (my birthday), but have been too busy having fun with it to take any pics until now :) I had posted an 'Upcoming NGD' thread for this guitar after it was acquired, but didn't want to do a proper NGD post until after my...
  5. KS 5150

    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    I just saw a post from Joe Bonamassa, with a picture of an empty lot where Manny's Music on 48th Street in NY used to be. It makes me sad, as I never got there when it was open. I do have a Manny's t-shirt I picked up a couple years ago from Sam Ash in Midtown, but never got to see the mecca in...
  6. KS 5150

    "Rhoads" hanging out with a couple of friends

    Hi, I recently picked up an original '74 Custom, and I thought I would take a couple pics before it goes in for a setup. Since Randy & EVH were the kings of Hollywood back in the day, it seems appropriate that their guitars get to know each other :dude:
  7. KS 5150

    FS: 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty "Road Warrior"

    Hi All, I've just recently made a deal to purchase my all-time dream LP, a white 1974 Custom. It was a significant purchase, so I have to move a few things out to pay for it. One of these things is my naturally relic'd '89 Custom Black Beauty that I've nicknamed "The Road Warrior". I've...
  8. KS 5150

    Pre-NGD: 1974 Les Paul Custom Alpine White

    Hi, So this is just a pre-cursor to a longer thread to come. I've been hunting for an original Randy Rhoads-esque Les Paul Custom for about 10 years, off and on. I've owned a great '89 Custom Black Beauty that I've dubbed 'The Road Warrior" bc of the heavy, natural wear on the back & back...
  9. KS 5150

    WTB: 1974-75 white Les Paul Custom

    Hi all, I'm just taking a shot here. I am contemplating getting a white Custom from 1974-75 as a Randy Rhoads project. I thought I'd see what might be here. I'm open to headstock repairs, if the price reflects the repair. I live in Canada, but shipping won't be an issue with Ebony, rather...
  10. KS 5150

    NGD! 2002 Les Paul Classic

    Happy Gibsunday! I recently added a new addition to my herd....a well-played 2002 Classic in Tobacco burst. The pickups have been changed to Seymour Duncan '59's & the tuners to Sperzels. This thing weighs a ton & rocks! It has a wood anomaly behind the tailpiece that looks kinda like a...
  11. KS 5150

    Incoming NGD: Kramer 5150 Aged replica

    Hey guys, I've wanted something like this since I was 14 years old! After owning a crappy Chinese replica & an EVH Striped Series, I finally saved the bucks to have a luthier I know from the VH Links hand-build me this guy. He did a fantastic job, hand-aged everything to approximate its look...
  12. KS 5150

    NGD: 2015 Fender Telecaster Sandblasted USA

    Hi, I've been looking for one of these Limited Edition Sandblasted Teles since I first saw them in a couple of local stores back in 2015. They were almost instantly sold out & I now know why: They only produced 250 Worldwide in Red and 250 in Blue. I gave up on them but was reminded when I...
  13. KS 5150

    Ds-1 mij

    Hi, I just picked up a used Boss DS-1 in a pawnshop to use as a dirt pedal for my JCM 800. Apparently the MIJ are somewhat sought after, which this one is. I got mine for $35. Is this a good deal? Any information would be appreciated! :thumb:
  14. KS 5150

    NGD! : 2013 R9 VOS Iced Tea

    Hi, The NGD was actually Tuesday, but it's been busy. I felt like it was time to finally step up to an R9 after owning an excellent G0 for the past 5 years (sold to forum member Trevor on this forum :wave:). I was looking around at various options (HOG, Dave's, MGL etc.), when I spotted an...
  15. KS 5150

    2007 Gibson Les Paul G0 Darkburst

    Hi, I'm looking at selling my mint 2007 Les Paul G0, in order to upgrade to an R8/R9. I've had it for about 5 years and bought it from Duke_18_Watt on this very forum back in 2011. It is in excellent condition, with one slight imprint on the back the only flaw. The guitar was polished by a...
  16. KS 5150

    Happy early Canada Day!

    Hi, I'm not sure what shape I'll be in tomorrow to post, so thought I'd do it tonight....Happy 149th Canada, & to my fellow Canucks! A few Canadian national treasures:
  17. KS 5150

    NAD! Marshall JCM 800 2X12 Combo

    Hi, I recently happened across what turned out to be a mid-80's JCM 800 4104 50W Combo locally for a very good price. It had been customized by a previous owner, so didn't quite look like a traditional Marshall. I checked it out and was very impressed with the sound! It has the WGS Veteran 30...
  18. KS 5150

    Merry, Merry Christmas!

    Hi, I just wanted to wish everyone on the boards an early Merry Christmas, as I won't have a chance in the next couple days. I hope Santa will be kind to everyone, and leave plenty of Les Pauls & Marshalls under the tree! ...and now a little Christmas cheer from Les & Mary:
  19. KS 5150

    Free New Foo Fighters EP!

    Hi, I noticed on Blabbermouth this morning that the Foo Fighters are releasing a new 5 track EP, "Saint Cecilia" thru iTunes & elsewhere, & it's completely free! ...Sounds like a continuation of the "Sonic Highways" album. Very cool move by Dave Grohl & co, as always! See link for more details...
  20. KS 5150

    Advice on smoothing nitro imperfection safely

    Hi, I'm looking for some help from the experts here. I have a mint 2013 Les Paul Traditional with a very interesting top. Recently I've noticed that, near the toggle switch, it appears some nitro has sank into a spot where there is an imperfection in the wood. It's a very slight, smooth almost...

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