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  1. Utmost

    NEW Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom

    Sweet video
  2. Utmost

    What do you play on your les?

    Sugaree. I just keep playing Sugaree. Need to break out.
  3. Utmost

    Les Paul Classic Love: Show It Off

    Kids 2020 classic. Just did a NGD but what the hell, here it is again.
  4. Utmost

    Plain tops need love too

    Kids Lester. Love the top.
  5. Utmost

    Gibson LP Classic 2019 - fretboard problems

    Looks great!
  6. Utmost

    Blackstar HT-Club 40 tube amp FS

    Love mine! GLWS
  7. Utmost

    NGD 2020 Classic HB

    Completely! Was looking at the appetite burst as well but that’s a bit much at this time. He watches the Ritz video daily as far as I can tell.
  8. Utmost

    Gibson LP Classic 2019 - fretboard problems

    My kids new classic has a really pale FB out of the box yesterday. Streaks of pink as well. Really only knock on it. Gonna give it some nomad once the strings are ready to go.
  9. Utmost

    Speaker swap in “Darkstar” 40 watt

    JBL e-120. Pretty cheesy name change but fun nun the less. Heavy mofo now! I enjoyed the process and the sound is great!
  10. Utmost

    NGD 2020 Classic HB

    yep lol. And the reflector knobs about 20 seconds:
  11. Utmost

    NGD 2020 Classic HB

    Set the kid up for a few years with his own Lester! He shreds slash stuff at the moment and this really fits the bill! Smells wonderful.
  12. Utmost

    why buy a Gibson?

    Different strokes for different folks!
  13. Utmost

    NGD Les Paul Classic.........

    Sweetwater has 36 month going right now on Gibbys, 0%. I really hope there aren’t restrictions to paying off early. I know whenever we get a new phone through Verizon when there is a promo going you can’t pay it off early. Well you can, but if you look at your bill they give you a credit each...
  14. Utmost

    LP Standard 60s questions

    I had to “play mine in” to get better tuning stability and still do each string change. I also hit the nut slots with some pencil ✏️ for lube. Give it the pencil and play treatment. Have fun!
  15. Utmost

    Post your BEST Les Paul Porn

    I have this on the way, seems fitting:
  16. Utmost

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    I didn’t think the Traditional was part of the lineup in 2020. Is it a Traditional Pro V?
  17. Utmost

    NGD: Standard '50s HCS - hope you like lots of photos...

    It’s perfect! Congrats.
  18. Utmost

    What do you like about Gibson?

    Les Paul’s and SGs. Traditional finishes fir the most part. the smell of a new one. was a big led zep and GnR fan then and now.

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