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  1. JKHamby

    ***Locating Tailpiece Studs***

    After searching and not finding anything on point, I have a question: 1. Are the stud locations for the tailpiece on LP a fixed distance from the pickup pocket, or does precision not truly matter? I have the Bartlett plans but I am not certain if I need to do a special measurement. TIA Jason
  2. JKHamby

    A couple of questions

    Need a little guidance: 1. Cut the binding channel and had a small bit of tear out. How would you handle this? 2. How do you route the binding channel on the neck with an already radiused fretboard? 3. I have the stewmac bindall glue but I have seen several posts about different glues for...
  3. JKHamby

    ***Some of build questions***

    1. Router bits. For the pickup cavity/legs I used a 3/8 top bearing bit so that I could match the radius of template. However, the trade off is that the bit is only 1/2 in cutting length so I couldn't reach the full depth on the legs using the template. Q: what do you do to avoid this problem...
  4. JKHamby

    First fretboard inlay

    First build, first fretboard. I don't know if these are ok or not. I kinda think that if I am asking the question in my head, I won't be happy with them in the end and the fretboard isn't expensive to start over. But, I know I don't have particular expertise so I could be obsessing over...
  5. JKHamby

    **Well, THAT hurt**

    I knew better, I should have checked again. Had a nice neck profile jig (ok, it definitely needs a redesign) and a follower sanding drum for my drill press. Things were going so well, until I profiled the neck too thin in one place and dagnabit, I have to start over. I am thinking of going...
  6. JKHamby

    59 Build Instructions

    Good day. I apologize if this ground has been covered. There used to be a great series of tutorials on youtube for 59 neck build that are no longer there. I have watched Freddy's videos on building but wonder if there are other video resources the more experienced builders here would...
  7. JKHamby

    Which blank dimension is which?

    Been looking and haven't found anything on point. Have a neck blank 2-3/4 x 4. What should I be considering beyond the issue of having to add ears to the headstock? Thanks all!
  8. JKHamby

    Opinions on my bookmatch

    I loved this maple before splitting it. Now I don't know. Would love some opinions.
  9. JKHamby

    Best online wood experiences

    I've done some reading but some of the threads are older and some of the suppliers are no long in biz. Can you share your best recent experiences with wood suppliers online? I am looking for body and neck blanks. Do I need closer to 2 inches or are the blanks in the 1.75 thickness enough...
  10. JKHamby

    Kit v. Scratch build

    I am looking for a project for me and my pops to do. Too long a backstory but I want to spend some needed quality time with my pop and he is an artist in the woodshop and has some luthier skills and I am handy as well. If we're going to do it I want to have a great product at the end too...

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