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  1. Uncle Vinnie

    I could use a laugh ..

    Post up some of your favorite prank/scare videos. This one has me cracking up ...
  2. Uncle Vinnie

    The Gong Master ...

    Very cool vid, Paiste's gong master QC'ing an 80" gong. Cool sound effects for a movie. Oh, it'll set you back almost $30k
  3. Uncle Vinnie

    Concerning Earthquake In Alaska and Cascadia Range

    Some say 7.5 magnitude, some 7.8, magma infiltration origin. Seems like the Cascadia Subduction Zone is hot, surprising the experts such that they've never seen before. Keep an eye on this, especially if you live in Washington State, Oregon or Northern California. Also, an incoming asteroid...
  4. Uncle Vinnie

    Halloween Music?

    Fingers weren't cooperating today ... it happens sometimes. Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince Guaraldi ... Aaaaaand something less halloween but always fun to play ...
  5. Uncle Vinnie

    Anyone own or has owned or played a 1949-1955 ES-175?

    Looking for info on neck shape and thickness ... measured thickness. Thinking about getting one (as long as my bursitis doesn't bug me too bad) and I'm all about a single P90 in the neck. But the most important element of that guitar is the neck. Please chime in.
  6. Uncle Vinnie

    Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures (Classic Album Review) on Amazon

    Watched it last night. TONS of interview material with Neil, Ged and Alex and ancillary personnel. Of course the music was otherworldly, but what I was struck with was how intelligent, articulate, well read these guys were, especially Neil Peart ... loved listening to him relate his thought...
  7. Uncle Vinnie

    1955 Custom BB Reissues

    I've been seeing these on ebay, sellers are in Japan and these are brand new guitars, and I don't see them on Gibson's Custom Shop collection online. I like the '55s because they have the V-shaped neck. Are these special orders or a standard CS offering. Also, any of you guys bought a guitar...
  8. Uncle Vinnie

    Busking amp choice

    Recommendations? I want battery powered, of course, but I'd be playing for no more than a couple of hours. Must have midrange control in addition to bass and treble Able to run my guitar and vocal mic through separate channels with separate volume and EQ.
  9. Uncle Vinnie

    Pressing ferrules back in

    One of the ferrules on my R6 is lifting from the headstock. What's the safest way to press it back in? I'm thinking a socket, but what say ye?
  10. Uncle Vinnie

    Unbelievable busker

    Doing Canned Heat's On The Road Again ...
  11. Uncle Vinnie

    Dressing a 600 lb tuna

    This guy is a frickin' artist!
  12. Uncle Vinnie

    Jeff Lynne's '60(?) Burst

    Going by the vol/tone knobs. Some nice shots of the paint aging especially during his solo starting at 1:08.
  13. Uncle Vinnie

    Radon test

    Do you guys know of a real-time radon test? Everything I've seen requires the sample to be sent in for analysis. I'd rather have something that gives me a reading right away, and if I can avoid a radon meter (~ $100) that would be preferable, but I'm sure I can scrape a C note together if I...
  14. Uncle Vinnie

    Gender reveal party sparks wildfire ...

    Good God y'all. With temperature over 100 degrees and dry conditions, this was not well thought out. There is no end to the madness.
  15. Uncle Vinnie

    For you Titanic lovers

    Minute-by-minute sinking of the Titanic from the time she hit the iceberg until she goes down, complete with the groanings of the ship. The last 10 minutes are pretty gripping.
  16. Uncle Vinnie

    Neck reshape to thicker, can it be done?

    So, could it go something like the back of the neck is planed flat, then a piece of properly-acclimated mahogany is glued on, set, then reshaped ... all without the neck being removed? I know it wouldn't be cheap, but is it doable? And it's in the name of keeping the guitar original as opposed...
  17. Uncle Vinnie

    Ebony board on a LP Special RI?

    Looking at an ad for a used Special, owner claims it has an ebony board. Case doesn't say Custom Shop and no CS paperwork or COA. Ebony or Richlite ... or just a dark piece of rosewood?
  18. Uncle Vinnie

    Montrose, 1974

    From Old Gray Whistle Test. That a '59 in the video? Love the P-bass
  19. Uncle Vinnie

    To Sir With Love BB

    Watched that movie last night on Netflix. Anyone catch the 3-pup BB in the last scene? Some closeups in the movie.
  20. Uncle Vinnie

    Florida Woman ....

    Just when you thought it couldn't get more absurd ...

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