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  1. bocage44

    WTB - Guild F-512 or JF30-12 in Maple

    Hi everyone - looking for a Guild F-512 or JF30-12 in Maple. Must be in good shape (not interested in getting into bridge repairs or a neck reset). If you've got one that's just sitting and you'd like to find it a new home, please shoot me a message. Thanks!
  2. bocage44

    "Just a few scratches...." Only $100.00 :rofl:
  3. bocage44

    Well, This is Different....
  4. bocage44


    Up for sale is a Slate Raven MTi2 27” control surface. It was purchased, along with two others, for installation in a studio, but didn’t get used. This particular unit was intended to be mounted on a swing arm, so the stand was removed, exposing the four screw holes in the rear. The stand is...
  5. bocage44


    Up for sale is a 2013 Godin Multiac ACS SA Nylon String Guitar. The finish is Lightburst. The ACS has a Maple body & Cedar top with a chambered body. Each string has individual transducer saddles powered by a customized preamp system from the RMCTM Pickup Company. This system not only produces...
  6. bocage44


    Up for sale is a 2007 Gibson EDS1275 Double Neck guitar in white. It has a two-piece Mahogany body with three-piece Maple necks and gold hardware. According to my digital scale, the guitar weighs 11.8 pounds. This guitar has been played extensively and has some dings and scratches. The...
  7. bocage44

    Awkward Album Covers

    So as to not fill up the "Favorite Album Cover" thread with some of the "other" gems that are out there, I thought I'd start a new thread.....
  8. bocage44

    Heritage H-150 Employee Build - Highly Flamed Top

    Heritage LP Front by bocage44 posted Aug 2, 2017 at 8:38 AMHeritage Headstock by bocage44 posted Aug 2, 2017 at 8:38 AMHeritage LP Case by bocage44 posted Aug 2, 2017 at 8:38 AMHeritage LP Right Side by bocage44 posted Aug 2, 2017 at 8:38 AMHeritage LP Right Side Low by bocage44 posted Aug 2...
  9. bocage44


    OK, please school me on Venmo. I've got an item on Craigslist that a buyer says he wants to use Venmo to pay for. I write back saying cash only. He responds saying he can only use Venmo and offers to pay in advance if that would make me feel comfortable. I would love to sell the item...
  10. bocage44

    Some Mix Feedback Please

    Hi everyone, there are some really great ears here and I was hoping to get a bit of critical commentary on this mix. If you would be so kind as to give this file a listen and offer feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. bocage44

    FS: 1999 Gibson Chet Atkins CE

    Up for sale is a 1999 Gibson Chet Atkins CE guitar with hard-shell case. I am the original owner and have used this guitar for gigs and recording. It is in good condition with a few nicks and dings, primarily in the lower body area (shown in an attached photo). No cracks, no breaks - in fact, no...
  12. bocage44

    Real or Fake?

    I know the old saying about too good to be true, but I figured it would be worth a try. The seller can meet me this evening. So, all you experts out there - is what's pictured the real deal? White Gibson Les Paul Custom
  13. bocage44

    FS: 2005 Brian Moore 21.13 iGuitar, Piezo & 13-pin MIDI

    Up For sale is a 2005 Brian Moore iGuitar 21.13. This guitar is extremely versatile, having Piezo pickups under the bridge, a 13-pin MIDI connection, and two standard humbuckers. Some of the 21.13 specifics are as follows: • Comfort contoured mahogany body • Beautifully figured book...
  14. bocage44

    Eleven Rack As New in Box

    Up for sale is an Eleven Rack guitar processor by Digidesign. I purchased this unit with ProTools from Sweetwater. I’ll be keeping the ProTools, but don’t really have a use for the Eleven Rack. It’s only been plugged it in once, so you’re getting a virtually new unit for a great price...
  15. bocage44

    Another Eleven Rack Thread

    Rather than hijack Doodles’ thread regarding Eleven Rack, I figured I’d start my own. This past week, I upgraded my home studio from a Korg stand-alone unit to a full-blown digital set up. I decided to go the Pro Tools route, since I was already somewhat familiar with it. When looking to...
  16. bocage44

    Les Paul Kahler Clips

    In conjunction with the comments I made on the Les Paul with Kahler thread, I received requests for audio of my Kahler-equipped Les Paul - specifically in comparison with a stop bar counterpart. So here it goes.... The attached Sound Cloud file has three parts. The first segment is a fairly...
  17. bocage44

    65amps - Anyone have one?

    I've been looking pretty seriously an Empire from 65amps. I was hoping to hear from someone who is currently using (or has previously used) an amp from this company for an extended period of time. I'm specifically curious as to how they hold up to extensive gigging.
  18. bocage44

    Nordstrom Banner Ad

    Perhaps I just have a dirty mind, but doesn't appear as though the young lady in question is getting a right proper rogering? :cool:
  19. bocage44

    Another Fake - eBay Fails to Act

    "Gibson" 54 Gold Top "Les Paul" Standard / Reissue - eBay (item 140305918743 end time Mar-11-09 10:39:41 PDT) I notified eBay a few days ago, but the auction is still active....

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