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  1. Justpicking

    2013 Les Paul Custom lite. Mint

    Up for sale is a 2013 Les all Custom lite This guitar has seldom use. There are no marks or any imperfections Light strumming that can surely buffed out A true closet queen. Please refer to photos. Priced to sell at $1500 plus shipping. Firm. Please, no offers. PayPal is ok if buyer covers the...
  2. Justpicking

    Is this authentic? or a frankenstein.

    Seen this guitar and the sellers swear it's an original Gibson.. Can someone confirm this? May not be as old. But he states it's a 74
  3. Justpicking

    1982 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty'' Whats it worth?

    Hi all I've been given this beautiful guitar and I can't find nothing on it.. All I like to know really what ate they valued at being made in 1983 It's mint and plays like a dream..Can someone please help me figure this one out.. Mucho much appreciated ... It has binding on the body...
  4. Justpicking

    Les paul police finds another fake gibson on the ebay

    Can't believe this still goes on.. And it has 16 watchers!! 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar | eBay
  5. Justpicking

    melody maker ll , kahler, made 1989. 7500.00?

    Ok. I would like to know wether this guitar is worth that much.. It seems to be something Gibson put together with extra parts lying around. EBay item number 300940663263 But for 7500.00 cmon.. Anyone...
  6. Justpicking

    Can the pro's tell me about this guitar a "1982 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty''

    This guitar has custom binding. An ebony neck, from 1982-83 Can someone chime in and confirm if this is period correct? Is it sought out for? Thank you all..
  7. Justpicking

    I need help too..Whether this is Korean/Japanese

    I am new to buying japanese greco's. So if Shifty around or another experience player. Please help.. It looks exactly like this one.. Anyone? GRECO 1990 LP CUSTOM Black JAPAN MADE! - eBay (item 350258590420 end time Dec-27-09 13:55:29 PST) Thanks in advance...
  8. Justpicking

    Does anyone here have a picture of a 1986 tobacco burst les paul special

    I've been looking on the web,eeekbay,google and the likes with no luck. Can someone bring up a shot of one.. If you have the time.. I know alot of you guys are at work right now....Greatly appreciate.. :shock:
  9. Justpicking

    Who makes Cort guitars? Look at this!!

    Has a set neck but I don't know the year. Serial # is w022083 Looks decent. Someone's selling this near me. Here's some pics. Any help is greatly appreciated. Seller wants 3 bills... Thank you all..
  10. Justpicking

    Ibanez 2351 LP copy 1976 WTF!!!

    Things plays awesome . Only drawback ( if you want to call it that) is the bolt on neck it has.. Here some pics. Alot you guys frown on bolt on's but she's from 1976. Gotta love the history!!! .
  11. Justpicking

    Ever Heard of Ibanez Pf-400, Lawsuit Les paul?

    I ran into the oppourtunity of getting me a vintage 1978 Ibanez pf-400 Does anyone have any experiences with these guitars? History, value, sound..
  12. Justpicking

    Which is the better axe. A Tokai or Elitist?

    Elitist or an 80's tokai from japan. I'm not talking about korean tokai's .. The tokai's from the mother country Japan....:slash:
  13. Justpicking

    Another Slash Fake

    So obvious.. Sheesh. Gibson Les Paul Guitar - eBay (item 270375183290 end time Apr-22-09 21:47:00 PDT)
  14. Justpicking

    She's pretty....But is it REAL!

    GIBSON ELEGANT - eBay (item 280331380605 end time Apr-17-09 07:47:17 PDT) Didn't show the headstock. I kinda see the horn off a little...
  15. Justpicking

    Did 1985 tokai love rock have a dimple in the middle of the open book headstock?

    I have a 1985 And it has one. Can someone that knows Tokai extensively know why?
  16. Justpicking

    Did 1985 tokai love rock have a dimple in the middle of the open book headstock?

    I could have sworn this was an 1985 when I bought it. Now I'm thinking it's not , due to that dimple on the headstock. Does anyone knows the contrary.. Here's some pics
  17. Justpicking

    Bought a 1985 tokai love rock today

    Plays bad ass!! Sustains long. Longer standard Gibby.:shock: Here's some pics.....85 ls80 Tokai love rock.
  18. Justpicking

    Can anyone tell me. What kind of Les paul this is?

    The selector switch is where the knobs are. Can anyone make this out? Says studio at the truss. And it's been posted as a 1978 studio. But they started making studios in 1983...:hmm:
  19. Justpicking

    Check this out all. Cracked maple top.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures by justpickin_2009 - Photobucket Will it deter the guitar value. More importantly, Will it effect it's tone...
  20. Justpicking

    Rist,Frank,Flick,and all seasoned luthiers.I need ur expertise.

    I have a crack in 2 places on the mapletop. Does this effect sound . Will it get worse. Does it devalue the guitar considerably. What causes top to crack open anyway. My pictures are way to big to thunbnail. Please your inputs gentleman. I humbly appreciate any advice..Thank you..

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