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  1. LesPaul60sTribute

    Refinished Sides & Back of My Les Paul Tribute

    Hello guys - A while ago I purchased a 2011 Les Paul Tribute. It was in very good condition but there were a few marks on the sides and back. I thought I would take care of the small marks and imperfections by sanding the sides and back only and then refinishing. I ended up sanding the body...
  2. LesPaul60sTribute

    FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s - Brand New - UNPLAYED - 1 Piece Back - $2200

    I have for your consideration my Brand New USA 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s guitar in Tobacco Burst. This guitar was purchased 5 weeks ago. I have not played this guitar. It is brand new in every sense of the word. All the paperwork, case candy, & Gibson tools with be included. I also have...
  3. LesPaul60sTribute

    Tailpiece Surprise - 2019 Les Paul

    Hello guys - I purchased a 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s with the aluminum lightweight tailpiece. When I first played the guitar acoustically I noticed that it sounded a little thin but really didn't think much of it. Most if my Les Paul's really resonate acoustically. I changed the strings later...
  4. LesPaul60sTribute

    NGD - Les Paul Standard 50s - Official Pics

    Hello guys - I thought I would post some images of my new 2019 Standard 50s. I received the guitar on 12/26. It took a bit to take some nice pics as I made a few small changes to the guitar. These 2019 Standards are going to go down as a real game changer for Gibson it seems. I was fortunate...
  5. LesPaul60sTribute

    New 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s - yet more damages found :(

    Hello Guys - I found yet more QC concerns on my brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. I received the guitar on 12/26. A few days later I found poor fret file marks and wavy binding. I almost returned the guitar. But I had thought the rest of the guitar was perfect. I also loved the top &...
  6. LesPaul60sTribute

    2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s - neck/binding update

    Hello guys - I was able to do some light work on the fret board and binding last night. I received this new Standard with some file marks, wavy binding, and overall not quite up to where it should have been overall. Here are a few pictures of my neck after the work was performed. I also was...
  7. LesPaul60sTribute

    2019 Les Paul Standard 50 - Neck Binding oddity - Possible return?

    Hello guys - I purchased a 2019 Les Paul Standard 50s in Tobacco Burst. It arrived last week. This is the first Les Paul I have paid over $1500 for. I paid $2400 from a large retail eCommerce music outlet. My question is this please. The neck binding seems oddly uneven going down the neck. It...
  8. LesPaul60sTribute

    Fretboard Stain - Went Well - Granadillo

    Hello guys - I purchased my 2013 Les Paul Signature almost exactly 5 years ago. It has been a wonderful guitar. It was produced using the granadillo finger board. It was a touch lighter than I liked but I thought I'd wait a few years to let it darken up. I decided to stain the fretboard a...
  9. LesPaul60sTribute

    New Les Paul Mahogany Top

    Hello guys, Well I now have 4 of these Les Paul Studio models. My latest is a 2007 full Mahogany Les Paul. These have such a beautiful mellow tone. Love the look of a Mahogany top too. It was also fun to add my own custom touches. Part of the fun of owning them! Thanks for taking a look!
  10. LesPaul60sTribute

    My Epi Gurls . .

    I took a few photos of my sweet Epi Gurls last week. Thought it would be fun to share. I made some upgrades on both. The Sheraton has Gold TV Jones Classics installed. The Riviera has upgraded P90s and witch hat knobs with gold inserts. I love both of them . . Thank you for taking a look
  11. LesPaul60sTribute

    Les Paul Studio Trio!

    Well I liked my 60s Tribute so well that I bought two additional Les Paul Studios. Each has its own unique characteristics. The 60s Tribute is chambered with a slim neck giving it a very satisfying warm sound. The 50s Tribute has a much thicker neck and is much heavier but still retains the...
  12. LesPaul60sTribute

    2011 Honeburst Set-up and recondition (Gurl Back)

    Hello Guys, I thank you again for the positive comments regarding me getting my 2011 Les Paul Honeyburst 60s Tribute back in the stable. I thought I would post a few pics of the set-up and reconditioning/polish after she arrived home. I realized too that after 4 years I can live up the my...
  13. LesPaul60sTribute

    Got my Gurl back . . NGD

    Several years ago (4 I think) I sold my 2011 Les Paul Honeyburst 60s Tribute. I regretted it the same day it shipped out. Well just last week I found another one. This one also has the natural back that was made in 2011, a feature I loved. The P90s really bark too. I added some custom touches...
  14. LesPaul60sTribute

    FS - Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top - Gibson USA 57 Classic PU - Many extras

    I am selling my Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top solid body guitar. This beautiful Les Paul is vintage burst in color. This guitar is dead mint. I have 4 other Les Pauls and this one never got the playtime (I have 16 guitars total). The back of the guitar is a deep burgundy with the wood grain...
  15. LesPaul60sTribute

    2013 Les Paul Signature (Photos)

    Hello, I bought this guitar new in January of 2014 and just this weekend took some photos of her (along with other guitars in my collection). I thought it would be fun to post them here in the forum. I have had many Les Pauls but this example really checks all the boxes for me. I did add some...
  16. LesPaul60sTribute

    New 2013 50s Tribute

    Hello everyone, I purchased a new 2013 Les Paul 50s Tribute about 4 weeks ago. I added some custom parts and thought it would be fun to post a few images. The front pickguard & plates are custom as are the tuners, speed knobs, pointers, jack plate, toggle knob, and a light polish to...
  17. LesPaul60sTribute

    NAMM 2015 Gibson "Traditional"

    I found this clip on youtube. The comments afterwards really speak volumes. Even if you only read the first few comments you will get the clear message. I have to say I agree with much of what they are saying. I have read that Henry was a little out there but wow, coming from folks that actually...
  18. LesPaul60sTribute

    FS: Grover Tuners-Brand New

    Hello guys, I have Three sets of brand new Grover tuners taken off the last Three USA 2013 Les Pauls I have purchased. Two sets are the standard kidney shaped style (102 series). The third set has a unique chrome metal tulip shape (same 102 series style). All are chrome, all are non locking...
  19. LesPaul60sTribute

    Last of the New 2013's?

    I picked up a new Les Paul 2013 50s Tribute just last weekend. I was suprised to see new stock still exsisting on the 2013's out there. The price was pretty good too ($899). I love the vintage burst, 50s neck and the P90s so this was a perfect fit for me. I was glad to snap up the last of what I...
  20. LesPaul60sTribute

    NGD! - Signature T

    Hello all, Well after some returns and a little more waiting I did receive my Les Paul. It was worth the wait. It looks amazing. I took some very quick cell pics for now. Ill take better photos later. This one has a very late build date. Seems to have made all the difference.

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