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  1. TateTheGreat

    1976 Stamped Serial Number with 77 format

    I’ve owned dozens of Norlins and this is a first for me. July of ‘76 Les Paul Special (55 reissue but with tom bridge) and it has a stamped serial number with the 1977 format. Anyone else seen this? Also just USA no Made In
  2. TateTheGreat

    My '93 Junior on Reverb if anyone is interested
  3. TateTheGreat

    1966 Mosrite Ventures II $2k

    1966 Mosrite Ventures II in Red with hardshell case. Only 400 were built from December of '65 to February of '66. Jan stamped body and December stamped neck. Refret and harness replaced (original pots included, one shaft broke), otherwise 100% original. No cracks, breaks or repairs. Tons of...
  4. TateTheGreat

    Gibson Serial Number Ledgers and Red Bobbins on LP Deluxe?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any ledgers with serial numbers from '73-'74? I know I saw some with totals of Les Pauls shipped in what colors, but is there any further record on a Les Paul in the norlin era pertaining to the serial number? Such as a custom order? I have a '73 Deluxe with a...
  5. TateTheGreat

    Does anyone on here make or know where to get a Joan Jett Pickguard?

    Hi, I have a '64 Melody Maker that I need a pickguard for. It's just a body, that i'm building up to give to a friend who deserves a good guitar, without busting my pockets. I need a Joan Jett style pickguard that will cover the neck route and the middle of the body. Single ply black. I want...
  6. TateTheGreat

    1970 Deluxe with first fret inlay, anyone else have one or see one?

    All factory original except the grovers (pat pending ones), has first fret inlay. Got a great deal on it from the original owner.
  7. TateTheGreat

    Pre-reissue Les Paul Junior? 1983?

    Hi, Does anyone have a pre-reissue Les Paul Junior from '83 with a wrap around tailpiece, years before the official reissue Juniors with TOM bridges? I know early 80's Gibson did some quick batches of guitars not telling the public really of 59 specs and other weird things.
  8. TateTheGreat

    Help Identify this pickup? March '80 Stamp

    What model pickup is this? Has like a clear plexiglass back with stamp, still in the original L6S, tarback for the neck. Thanks!
  9. TateTheGreat

    WTB . Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe MIK Red Sparkle

    I'm looking for an original MIK Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe in Red Sparkle. I had one that was stolen and I need to replace it as my heart is broken. $450 shipped it what I'll pay. Let me know what you have.
  10. TateTheGreat

    WTB Norlin Les Paul Custom Project $$

    I'm looking for another Norlin, sadly the guy on here won't get back to me on my old LP I wanted to buy back. I'm not looking for a show piece. Headstock repair (ugly but stable fine), stripped, unoriginal etc, needs work etc. Cheap! Please I miss having a Norlin Custom, I prefer 74 and down...
  11. TateTheGreat

    Will Grovers fit smoothly over Orville MIJ Tuners

    Is it a clean swap? I really want to throw Grovers on my Orville, but don't want to do any drilling. Anyone try it? The MIJ tuners hold well and have aged nice, but they are a little too touchy and it gets to be a pain in the ass to tune.
  12. TateTheGreat

    NGD Orville LP Custom

    I just had to pick up this beauty, 1990 Orville LP Custom. Was originally white, and nicely turned to cream. All original.
  13. TateTheGreat

    1959 Pots with Bumblebees, 50's-60's Toggles,60's Jack, Knob, MIG Tuners. Vint Kent P

    PAYPAL, all prices are for shipped. (3) 29th Week of '59 Pots with Bumblebees $460 50's Switchcraft Toggle (no name pre '60, long stem so not gibson), 60's Switchcraft incomplete $154 Vintage Gold Speed Knob $20 Made in Germany Schaller Gibson Deluxe Tuners (5) Complete $40 60's...
  14. TateTheGreat

    Any love for LP300's?

    I don't see much on these. Here is mine. A 1995 LP 300. This guitar has been in smoke filled bars for night after for 10 years, thrown around in a case, holes drilled in middle for numerous experiments, broken toggle (still works), hardware is worn, tuners are on a last wing and a prayer...
  15. TateTheGreat

    Make a SG Faded / Studio into a Special?

    So I am a huge Pete Townshend nut, and I was wondering if anyone has tried this. Has anyone got a faded and put in p90's and switched the batwing to the p90 batwing, does all the holes match up on the pickguard? I see Faded / Studio SG's sell for around $450 constantly, and it would be cheaper...
  16. TateTheGreat

    NGD! 1987 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC

    All original, mint shape, plays sounds amazing!
  17. TateTheGreat

    WTB 70's Gold Nashville Bridge

    I ended up with a '76 Custom and the bridge is sagging and a post is bent. I tried fixing 'em but I need a vice to hold things and I don't and I lost the patience in messing around with clamps and holding it etc. Aslong as it is straight, and posts are good and straight also. Must be gold, I...
  18. TateTheGreat

    1968 Gibson Firebird..err Epiphone

    This has been for sale for over a year now. Nothing is original, and neck/headstock break so bad it has a epiphone headstock now..He had it at $2000 for the longest time. I told him its worth $150 1968 Gibson Firebird
  19. TateTheGreat

    Blue Sparkle Les Paul Standard

    Anyone know any info on these? Blue sparkle top and headstock, and sides and back are dark mahogany? Steve Jones used one during the entire 1996 Sex Pistols tour, and im looking for any info on them like what years, special editions? Any help would be great.

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