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  1. Neil(UK)

    Help needed. Replacement pick up rings for my LP

    I have a 2004 LP Standard. I bought it used a few years back and the original BB Pro's had been replaced by BB1 and BB2. Apparently the pickup rings needed to be replaced at the time as the originals weren't high enough? Recently I have been fancying replacing the white-ish rings with some...
  2. Neil(UK)

    Fender Jaguar.

    I've got a CAR Fender classic Player Jaguar. The look of the Jag is so cool IMO with the chrome plates and switches and I really enjoy the 24" scale as it is so easy to get around. Some people think they look complex but the idea of having two completely differently sounding separate circuits...
  3. Neil(UK)

    Help with wear on Les Paul Junior finish...

    I've got a LPJ in a cherry satin finish which I really like as it feels so tactile however lately I have noticed a small patch starting to wear through on the back. The rest including the neck is fine. Is there any proprietary stain or whatever in the right colour I could touch it up with...
  4. Neil(UK)

    Help with model number please.

    I've just got a new(old) LP standard 2004 and I'm a bit unsure of how to read the model number which is LP6+VSNHI (or1?) I am guessing it is a plus model with a '60's neck. Is this correct? Also I am guessing again that the VS part stands for vintage sunburst. Does the NHI (or1?) part play...
  5. Neil(UK)

    NGD! Beautiful 2004 standard!

    This arrived yesterday. :D I saw pics of this previously and they weren't a lot better than mine TBH but it was just what I was looking for, a Les Paul Standard. Anyway deal done and I open the case lid of my new LP and I reared back in amazement. The beauty of this guitar has to be...
  6. Neil(UK)

    Best stuff for a rosewood neck?

    I have a modern LP Junior and the rosewood on the fingerboard seems quite dry and I would like it perhaps a little slicker. Is it a good idea to put something on it? If so what is the recommended stuff for this? Thanks.
  7. Neil(UK)

    Hello from the UK

    Hello everyone. I'm from SE England just outside London. After a hiatus of 15 years when I didn't touch a guitar I finally got interested again from a "let's see your guitars" thread on a watch forum of all things. All the pretty pics made me go back to my '89 US Strat for another go and after...

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