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  1. Kaicho8888

    Question regarding the nut (with photos)

    Obviously with the E-A-D the slots were done on a Plek "hump day"! And a newly hired worker did a custom hand job rounding the edges... LOL. It sucks. :wtf: ...If you luv the guitar, get it fixed under warranty using a bone nut.
  2. Kaicho8888

    What has happened to The Used Guitar Market Pricing?

    Any of you lost interest in looking and buying "things"? I'm an accidental collector and unfortunately, I cannot be bothered selling items I do not use... so guitars just pile up in the garage and closets. Although, I sometimes checkout the local CL or Reverb. Some sellers advertised the same...
  3. Kaicho8888

    Pole height

    With the screws lowered to the surface of the pickup cover, and If the whole pickup was lowered quite a bit to increase clarity, the volume between strings may not be of the same volume level due to distance from each string. Turn your amp at giging level, and strum all the strings. You will...
  4. Kaicho8888

    What the heck happened to my Les Paul? I am baffled.

    Oh no....!!! So sorry to see those painful open sores! Looks like a guitar stand rash.
  5. Kaicho8888

    Les Paul Modern Knobs

    o_O ewie...clear knobs do not go with that... get any other knobs, and they're cheap enough.
  6. Kaicho8888

    Tiny "scratch"? on the fretboard binding of my Les Paul

    If it bothers you, easy fix is a dab of super glue, let dry, sand (600 grit) flat on a small flat wood, then polish with a non silicon polishing compound. Use a nice soft 4" horse hair paint brush to dust the guitar... easy less than 5 seconds. Besides it's good putting that old paint brush...
  7. Kaicho8888

    Les Paul Modern Knobs

    Where're the knobs... I'm going blind... wahhh!
  8. Kaicho8888

    Any one tried one of these?

    Congrats! Betcha, no CRS on this beautiful Lester!
  9. Kaicho8888

    Les Paul setup Video

    The following may not be done all the time; but a must for your first time setups: 1. He forgot the most troublesome on Gibson's design... adjust and lube the nut. 2. Another is subjective to each individual taste is the pickup height adjustments. 3. Adjust/polish/lube bridge saddle groves. 4...
  10. Kaicho8888

    Seeking advice for nickel restoration/care.

    Keep the natural "relicing"... some find it very desirable... others even try to emulate it!
  11. Kaicho8888

    Suggestions for High End leather strap with conchos

    Did a google search for the image and quickly got the site: $315
  12. Kaicho8888

    HELP! - Overpolishing Les Paul Standard Faded w/ Virtuoso?

    It looks good on your photos! It's better than satin, and not plastic looking as a very glossy guitar. BTW, satin nitro is not the same chemical composition as gloss nitro. If you want shinny, get a gloss nitro painted guitar.
  13. Kaicho8888

    Volume knobs on top??

    55+ years of Gibson playing, it's a difficult innate habit to change. However, you should do whatever you prefer to make great music!
  14. Kaicho8888

    Ever Put Old Pickups in a New Les Paul?

    The way I see it, a PAF sticker is more of a "desire" for the myth than actual tone. Being an old fart like me, I've got a number of PAF's and they are not as impressive as the newer pickups or PAF copies. Besides, I still don't know what a PAF tone sounds like anyway. I still tweak and sound...
  15. Kaicho8888

    Is this a genuine Gibson Les Paul?

    It's 100% fake!
  16. Kaicho8888

    pls recommend a wireless transmitter

    I've Been using Xvive for over a year. It works most of the time but once in awhile, it burps while playing. I just change to another channel as a remedy. Sometimes, it just sounds more digitized or like a solid state amp. That's when I go back to my analog coaxial cable. This could all be my...
  17. Kaicho8888

    So 10's It Is Then

    Since mid-sixties, I've been using hybrid 10 for Fender and Gibson scales. The heavier lower E, A, D just feels and sounds better.
  18. Kaicho8888

    Think we take this tone thing a little too far?

    Unfortunately, I spent more time on the hardware than creating music. With the advent of forums like this, I got swept away on searching for "da tone" and I still don't know what tone everybody's talking about. Although, I do enjoy tweaking and trying out the physical aspect of guitar build...
  19. Kaicho8888

    Nitrocellulose questions

    I've successfully used 3M Scotch Brite grey.. same grit as 0000. Green is too rough on nitro. It will need periodic light aplication. Also used it on bodies to remove shine.
  20. Kaicho8888


    Nice one! I recognize Fuji Yama, The Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, and Yokohama Tower (?).

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