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  1. sdjjadk

    How often do YOU oil your neck?

    Unfortunately, my neck only gets oiled when my wife is in the mood. J/K. :D I couldn't resist! I haven't really played my guitars much in the past year but I've been using the same Planet Waves Lemon Oil on my bass. For my guitars, I oiled the F.B. once every 6 months or every 5th or 6th...
  2. sdjjadk

    HAPPY NGD!!!!!!! NOS at that too!

    Congrats!! HNGD! :thumb: I'm glad I could help. :) That Trans. Black looks killer. Shawn
  3. sdjjadk

    3 pickup 50's style LP wiring for Gibson & Epi's

    Thanks Jonesy. :) I have a Relic'd version available as well and will get pics posted as soon as I get a chance. Shawn
  4. sdjjadk

    G-400 Quilted Top

    I think it's pretty sweet looking. :thumb:
  5. sdjjadk

    New Trash Talker Demo Posted

    Hi Snaredrum how are you? What kind of amp are you using? In order to use the talk box, you would go from the speaker out on your amp to the input on the talk box and then from the output of the talk box to input on the speaker cabinet. Then you would run the tube up to a mic that is connected...
  6. sdjjadk

    New Trash Talker Demo Posted
  7. sdjjadk

    Trash Talker MLP Member Special!!

    I'm running an MLP member special on a Relic'd Trash Talker talk box. Since Relicing seems to be popular here on MLP, I decided to make a one off relic'd version of the Trash Talker. All of the components are new but I painted and aged the enclosure to look like it has been on the road for...
  8. sdjjadk

    GOLDTOP For Sale

    Wish I had the cash because I would have snatched that puppy up in a heart beat! Nice Gold Top!! Don't know what it is about Gold Top's, but every time I see a nice one like yours for sale. I get major GAS!!! Glad you were able to sell it Greg and the new owner is enjoying it. :thumb: Shawn
  9. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    Here is a Demo video of the Trash Talker. Sorry it took so long to get a demo video posted. Shawn YouTube - Trash Talker Demo.MOV
  10. sdjjadk

    3 pickup 50's style LP wiring for Gibson & Epi's

    Can't wait to get mine. I'm "Jonesing" (no pun intended) to hear the difference it makes in my Epi. Ace!:thumb: Shawn
  11. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    Thanks Jonesy. :) I'm also working with a potential source for metal enclosures. I'll let you know it pans out. Shawn
  12. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    Hi, Thanks for the compliment. :) It bypasses the amp, but I was playing through 2 amps at once. The Talk Box / amp and my 2x12 combo. I will post another clip of just the talk box. Shawn
  13. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    Hello all, I have updated the Trash Talker Prototype to the final product and have posted pictures in the Media section of the site. Media
  14. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    Thanks for the input. :) This is my first site so I will take any and all suggestions to improve the site. Also, I do plan on uploading more photo's, video's and more sound clip's as soon as I finish updating the prototype with paint and I'm having graphics made in bulk as we speak and I have to...
  15. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    I am building and selling quality low priced talk boxes, talk box kits and parts. Please visit my new site, Home Page Since, I'm trying to get my new talk box business up and running, For a limited time, ALL MLP members will get a 10% discount and a free gift with their first order! You can...
  16. sdjjadk

    Another fake, theyre getting closer.

    This is just an idea here, but I think E-Bay should have a sticky about Gibson and other guitar guitar fakes! In fact, when you search for guitars on E-Bay (especially Gibson) There should be a site redirect that takes you to's "How to spot a fake" page ar at the very least, a "Warning...
  17. sdjjadk

    Green Burst?

    I've never seen a burst like that. :hmm: It's definitely different!
  18. sdjjadk

    Neck binding opinions

    Well said. :thumb: My 60's Tribute Studio doesn't have neck binding and I think it looks great w/o it. As far as feel goes, it's just as smooth as my bound Gibby SG and Epi. Ace. :) Shawn
  19. sdjjadk

    New Guy with a new Les Paul

    Congrats on your Les Paul and Welcome to MLP. :thumb: Shawn
  20. sdjjadk

    Neck binding opinions

    I had a San Dimas many years ago. It was one of the best guitars I ever owned! :dude:

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