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  1. yeti

    Question for Freddy and anyone else interested...

    Going to videotape a Blues Soloist ( singer / acoustic guitar) , planning on using a single stereo set up, using 2 RCA 77DX ribbons in figure 8. Bluemlein or MS?
  2. yeti

    I Love It When I Get To Do Fun Stuff At Work

    My day job in broadcast audio mostly consist of live sports broadcasts, location sound, audio-post for documentaries but every once in awhile I get to work on a fun music project. So many experiences, so many technical difficulties, so many lessons learned... Anyway, the result this time around...
  3. yeti

    Pure Gold

    Doesn't need any commentary, just listen to this guy if you're at all involved with music production
  4. yeti

    Cloud Lifter

    A friend of mine bought one of these and today we did some comparisons, with and without, into a GT Brick pre amp. Maybe the Brick wasn't the best choice but it's my only portable pre so there. We tested Shure SM7B, SM57, Sennheiser MD 421, Audix I5, AKG d224E, RCA 77DX and RCA BK5A. I have to...
  5. yeti

    My ears are still bothering me...

    I went to check out Ian Shepherd's youtube channel a few days ago and I really like what he does, he's very involved in all things related to loudness wars, mastering, etc., very cool website, etc. I did check out this video where he's mastering a song mixed by Warren Huart (Produce like a Pro)...
  6. yeti

    Matching vintage Ribbons to modern mic-pres-paging Freddy

    I finally am getting around to getting these two RCA DX-77s repaired. They've been laying in a drawer at my work for decades and the ribbons are shot. I've been dying to get these up and running again and finally the powers that be have given me permission to go ahead. Clarence Kane (ENAK...
  7. yeti

    Cool "Produce like a pro" episode

    with guest and MLPF member JJ Blair. I don't believe he posts in this forum but still.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. yeti

    Best DYI, self produced home recording ever

    Please post your nomination for "best home recording you've ever heard". Here's mine: I just came across John Moreland who played in Lincoln last Saturday, unfortunately I couldn't go. Anyway, I listened to this album of his and was FLOORED. Little did I know that it was done DYI, self produced...
  9. yeti


    I guess everything was better in the past after all. RIP Glen Campbell, you'll be missed. And listen to the sound of the horns, WTF?
  10. yeti

    Question for the mastering guys

    I spent the last couple of months helping a friend record his next CD in my basement. Besides recording and mixing I'm playing various instruments as well, most notably drums (i'm not a drummer at all) I'm happy with the mixes, keeping in mind that it is what it is, a basement recording with...
  11. yeti

    Got to record a string quartet in 3D audio

    I recently had the opportunity to record and mix a 360 video production with spatial audio. It was a fun project, we learned a lot and I thought that some here might enjoy it. For best results view with VR headset or on your computer using Google Chrome or the latest Firefox as Safari and...
  12. yeti

    Can anyone tell me how this was recorded? I assume it's matching audio to the video but I don't see any microphones (well,maybe I see one microphone)but it sounds awesome yet there's nothing visible on those showman amps, drums and bassman amp. How did they do it?
  13. yeti

    going back to playing 2 amps

    After decades of being a "guitar-cable-amp" guy I find that in my current band I need more tonal flexibility so at the last gig I went out with a 2 amp setup consisting of both my beloved 1959 Fender bassman and my 1960 Fender Concert and 1962 reverb unit. My homemade pedal board goes like this...
  14. yeti

    I can't figure out if this ad is satire or not

    What say you....
  15. yeti

    EarTrumpets and tiny desks

    My buddy Will asked me to help him with his NPR tiny desk contest video. Did the recording with one EarTrumpet Edwina and a 451 on the weissenborn, since I'm sitting while the others are standing (distance). I kinda like the mic, it does a good job picking up the off axis Bass. It does look...
  16. yeti

    0-8676 for sale....again

    WTF is going on with this thing? Cohn Rude at it again over at the steelguitarforum but this time the guitar has a different tenon. price seems reasonable??? Go get yer '60 Burst for $4K now. how do you go from this... to this...
  17. yeti

    Vintage AKG C451E

    Today I recorded a bit of my noodling with a pair of 70's era AKG C451E (with the CK-1 capsule). I remember hearing a lot about these mics when I started out but everytime I used one I didn't like it much. Turns out I still don't like them all that much. They always said"use a 451 for old...
  18. yeti

    Soundfield mics anyone?

    In my quest to dig up old mic treasures I got to play with our Calrec MK IV today. It has been left for dead in our lockers for decades. Turns out the mic is just fine, it's the steering box that's faulty. But the W,X,Y,Z capsules can still be iso recorded and sound phenomenal. One of the...
  19. yeti

    great article on higher sampling rates

    I apologize if this is old news but it's a great summary of the relevant arguments pertaining to higher sampling rates. Just saw it today. John Scrip and others have alluded to some of the issues covered in this article but here it is in a nice comprehensive essay. The Science of Sample Rates...
  20. yeti

    Another one for Nicky, Freddy and other vintage mic lovers

    Despite Nicky's request to "cease and desist" here's another one. I had a chance to test an old RCA DX-77 to evaluate whether it's functional or not. Truth be told, I have no idea whether it is in good condition or not but I like the sound of it a lot. It's my first time with this classic mic...

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