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    sold - please delete

    I purchased a pickguard from MojoAxe for my Epiphone LQJ to see if it might fit. No luck, so passing it on to someone who could use it. This is the PGH09VF so it is meant for 2009 or newer Historics. Pickup spacing is 2 5/16". This is the vintage fit so there would be a slight gap behind the...
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    sold, please delete

    Selling a set of Electric City JH Tribute pickups. Normally these were wound upside down so it was like having the left hand pickups in your right hand guitar, but these were wound normally so they are just a set of great, late 60s style Strat pickups. Bridge is wound slightly hotter than the...
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    WTB Electric City Humbuckers

    I’m hoping to find a set of either Fatty Arbuckers, RD 59 hybrids or a Garden Tribute set. I’ve got RD 59s in my “Lucy” copy and love them, now looking for a set for a burst project. Thanks!
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    Selling a used Rothwell Hellbender. Pedal is in perfect working order, a few smudges as you can see in photos, but overall pretty nice shape. Ships w/ box and instructions. $135 via PayPal includes shipping
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    FS: Metro JTM 45 kit head $1100 plus shipping CONUS

    Selling my Metro kit head. Amp is in excellent cosmetic condition and works perfectly. It was serviced this spring and maybe two or thee hours of use on it since. Currently runs EL-34s (Mullard Reissues). Amp tech tweaked the bass so that you have a wider usable range. He tightened up the amp...
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    FS: Electric City Revival (RD-59s) set- Lightly Aged

    Up for sale is a lightly aged set of Electric City Revivals (RD-59s). I've had them in my LP for about 2 years. Great sounding pickups, just swapped them out to the Freedom (RD-59 hybrid) set which has a slightly lower wind in the neck. Pickups were ordered stock from Electric City with shiny...
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    WTB Historic Gold Top Hat knobs- unaged

    Hoping to find a set of unaged, gold Historic Top Hat / Bell / Bonnet, whichever way you describe them, knobs. I've looked at several other kinds and the ones on Historics seem to have the right shade of gold I'm looking for in addition to the embossed numbers. Thanks!
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    "Lucy" Les Paul on Ebay

    Hello there. Reluctantly selling my "Lucy" project on Ebay and here is the link. Gibson Les Paul "Lucy" Custom Guitar | eBay
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    FS: VFE Enterprise Phaser

    VFE Enterprise Phaser for sale. Pedal is in mint condition and will ship with original box and paperwork. Pedal does have velcro attached to bottom of the pedal, otherwise you would think it was brand new. Pedal is a Script Logo Phase 90 with more options plus a pretty good vibe option. $150...
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    FS: Catalinbread RAH

    I just posted a Catalinbread RAH on ebay if anyone is interested. Interesting pedal, just not my thing. Sticking with my Homebrew Germania 44 Rangemaster clone. Catalinbread RAH **Free Shipping** | eBay
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    George Harrison "Lucy" Les Paul

    I know that there is a lot of interest for the Les Paul that George used later on in the Beatles so wanted to clue people in that Guitar Center currently has a run of about 100 Cherry red Les Paul Traditional Pros on their Platinum site. They have '57 classics in the necks and burstbucker 3s in...
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    WTB Epiphone Riviera

    I'm looking to buy a Riviera. Preferably Elitist and sunburst, but am open to any model. Will pay fair price, trade, or combo of the two.
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    Anyone have a Lucy Les Paul or red offset seam 57?

    Looking for a George Harrison "Lucy" Les Paul... think there was a short run made for the Japanese market... possible that there was some sold as a 57 with an offset seam.. anyone have one or know the going rate?
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    WTB: Epiphone Elitist Les Paul

    I'm in the market for an Elitist/Elite Les Paul. Nothing stamped 2nd or used, hopefully in good shape with no major dings or scratches. Looking for a goldtop, honeyburst, or faded cherryburst with either a plain top or a plus top with minimal flame. Anyone looking to sell, let me know. Thanks

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