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  1. sdjjadk

    New Trash Talker Demo Posted
  2. sdjjadk

    Trash Talker MLP Member Special!!

    I'm running an MLP member special on a Relic'd Trash Talker talk box. Since Relicing seems to be popular here on MLP, I decided to make a one off relic'd version of the Trash Talker. All of the components are new but I painted and aged the enclosure to look like it has been on the road for...
  3. sdjjadk

    Talk Boxes for SALE!

    I am building and selling quality low priced talk boxes, talk box kits and parts. Please visit my new site, Home Page Since, I'm trying to get my new talk box business up and running, For a limited time, ALL MLP members will get a 10% discount and a free gift with their first order! You can...
  4. sdjjadk

    Anyone ever heard of a brand called, Conrad?

    Hello all, Anyone ever heard of Conrad Guitars? Any thoughts? Are they any good? I found this and the price is really really cheap So, I'm thinking of getting it. Here a couple pics. As you can see, it has a broken tuner but should be an easy fix. Thanks, Shawn
  5. sdjjadk

    My First Talk Box

    Hello, I have been wanting a Talk Box for quite some time now, and I even put a WTB ad here in the forum but couldn't find the one I wanted, so I decided to build my own. I found a schematic for the Heil HT-1 and couldn't believe how little there was to it. So after I got off of work...
  6. sdjjadk

    Any MLP Meets or Jam Sessions scheduled for Maryland anytime soon?

    Hello all, I'm still pretty new here but I think it would be cool to put faces behind the user names here on MLP so I was wondering if there are any MLP meets or Jam Session / get together's scheduled for Maryland or anywhere near Southern Maryland? Thanks, Shawn
  7. sdjjadk

    Does anyone here host an Open Mic?

    Hello all, Does anyone here host or help out with Open Mic's? If so, how do you feel about letting people play your Les Paul or your guitar in general? I help out a friend who host's an Open Mic night twice a month at a local club and I have noticed that most musicians who come out to play...
  8. sdjjadk

    Editing a For Sale Thread

    Hello, I was wondering why there is no Edit button in my For Sale thread? Thanks, Shawn
  9. sdjjadk

    It's not mine but it's a SWEET one!

    Hello all, When I got my 60's Tribute, I took it over to a friends to play it through his Marshall JCM 800 and he is a Les Paul fan as well and he had this beauty sitting in the stand. So I thought I'd snap a couple pics with my cell and post them here. I apologize about the pic quality. It's a...
  10. sdjjadk

    WTB- Used Heil Talk Box or a Rocktron Banshee 2

    Hello all, I am looking for a used but in good shape and in good working order Heil Talk Box or a Rocktron Banshee 2 Talk Box. If anyone here has one they want to sell, let me know a price. Thanks, Shawn
  11. sdjjadk

    My Gibson / Epi. Family

    Hello all, We are finally having some great weather here in Maryland so I thought I'd take some outdoor pics of my Gibson / Epi. family. My first Gibson is the SG and after I got it, I got infected bad by the Gibby / Epi. Collectionitis Bug! :jam: 1987 Gibson SG Elite USA - Modded by the...
  12. sdjjadk

    For Sale-CrateXT120R 2X12 Combo in Maryland

    Hello all, I'm trying to get up the dough to buy a Marshall JCM 800 Tube Head so I am selling my Crate XT120R 2x12 Combo Amp. It's in excellent shape and sounds great! It has 3 channels, distortion, overdrive and clean with a reverb setting and it comes with a 3 channel foot switch. I'd like to...
  13. sdjjadk

    For Sale- Digitech RP-90

    Hello all, I have a used but in excellent shape Digitech RP-90 Effects Processor that I bought new last year. I am asking $60.00 shipped via USPS within the Cont. USA. Canada and others will need to pay the respective shipping costs. This is a great little processor that has a built in tuner...
  14. sdjjadk

    HNGD!!!!! Gibson Studio 60's Tribute GT Les Paul

    Hello all, Well I finally got my Holly Grail of guitars!! I got me a new Gibby Les Paul studio 60's Tribute Gold Top from fellow forum member Justin_Case. This thing is absolutely gorgeous and the resonance of playing it unplugged is amazing! I went over to a friends to play it through his...
  15. sdjjadk

    A little Christmas Poem. Hope Y'all like it!

    Twas the night before the gig, when all through the band's apartment Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The drummers wife's stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there. My band mates were nestled all snug in their beds, While...
  16. sdjjadk

    Lucky New Guitar Day

    Hello all, I have been a KISS fan since the 70's and when the Epi. Ace Frehley model Les Paul came out, I didn't have the funds and they were produced and discontinued before I ever had a chance to buy one. But as Luck would have it I was at a music store yesterday and they actually had a New...
  17. sdjjadk

    Truss Rod Cover question

    Does anyone know where I can get an Epi TRC that has Gibson engraved on it? I have a friend that has an older Epi L.P. and his TRC has Gibson engraved on it and I like it better than one that is on mine. Also, why did Epi stop engraving Gibson on their TRC's? Thanks, Shawn
  18. sdjjadk

    My Fist Epi. Les Paul

    Hello all, Since I am the proud owner of my first Epi. L.P, I thought I'd join the forum. :) I have always wanted a Gibson L.P. but Gibby's prices have always been way beyond what I could afford. But, as luck would have it, I recently sold a bass that I was no longer using and was able to buy...

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