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  1. redcoats1976

    Standard vs studio

    it seems like your best option is to go try a few standards and see if you think they stack up to your guitar or least then you will know if you are missing anything or not.
  2. redcoats1976

    Mr. Bojangles --Jerry Jeff Walker Dies RIP

    geez...aint much of a country fan,but liked "up against the wall"...
  3. redcoats1976

    Playboy’s Curviest Centerfold.

    i would...
  4. redcoats1976

    A good day for me!

    congrats,and best wishes.
  5. redcoats1976

    2020 epi special weight?

    changed to 9-46 (lighter guage) ernie ball strings last night.i can smear big bends with no problem now...
  6. redcoats1976

    Les Paul Special Pawn Shop Find

    i know this is the gibson section but you can pick up the 2020 epi special for 400 bucks and it is really a good value for the $$$.i just finished putting a set of 9-46 strings on mine and it plays just like buttah,even though some of youse will probably point out its marjarine.that said,i dont...
  7. redcoats1976

    Is No One Excited about a New Hummer?

    my grandkids got a battery powered hummer for christmas a few years ago.
  8. redcoats1976

    Is No One Excited about a New Hummer?

    it looks like the shipping crate my camaro came in.instead of that why not an e-camaro...but make it a real camaro,not an SUV like the mustang electric vehicle.
  9. redcoats1976

    Got three new Dolls

    heard "all the young girls love alice"on my car radio ,first time id heard it in about 40 years.sounded great,cranked it up.
  10. redcoats1976

    The song you relate to the most?

    born to run by springsteen.when that song came out it summed up my life to that point.40 some odd years later retirement is at hand and i will feel like ive "made it".
  11. redcoats1976

    The Gong Master ...

    thought it said bong master...i haz a dissapoint.
  12. redcoats1976

    I have COVID...

    3 people where i work have had it,so far ive been lucky.hope you feel better soon.
  13. redcoats1976

    The most violent birthday ever, dash cam of shooting on post 40

    wow...glad you are safe.happy birthday indeed...
  14. redcoats1976

    why buy a Gibson?

    yep.i just got my epi special last week.i feel like epi has really stepped up their game lately.between the 2017 gibby tribute GT,2015 junior bought on the cheap and the epi special i feel like i have the whole set now.
  15. redcoats1976

    why buy a Gibson?

    yeah...i love my low end gibbies and many of the new epis,but i have to admit id like to have a 1973 LP custom with t-tops just as much as the next guy.its just not gonna happen in this lifetime...
  16. redcoats1976

    New Slash Goldtop in catalogue

    he would probably sound just as good on my tribute GT...
  17. redcoats1976

    I almost feel bad for liking it this much...

    woah...that is killer.
  18. redcoats1976

    2020 epi special weight?

    ive had mine for about a week now,changed out the strings,got it intonated properly and have had some time to compare it to my gibby tribute GT.mine weighs about 8 pounds,similiar to the gibby doesnt give away much in playability now that its dialed in to my liking.anyone else care to...
  19. redcoats1976

    Two people

    sure wish the good bands around here would play.i played to a crowd of two this morning,my shepherd and doberman.cant quite see what youre unhappy about,25 people here would be a full living room...
  20. redcoats1976

    My "Poser" Guitar

    that thing would be perfect if only it was fully painted...

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