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  1. thxphotog

    LPs getting some fresh air this weekend:

    Took 'em out for a short walk on GibSunday.
  2. thxphotog

    Strap button stripped. Advice on fix?

    Maybe I should put a touch of Gorilla glue in the threads of the screw?
  3. thxphotog

    Anyone taking lessons? What are you working on?

    I'm taking lessons again after not taking any for 5-6 years. Breaking down some bad mechanical habits and diving into theory. Every week I almost dread going for fear my teacher will be disappointed in this week's progress or that I'll play ham-fisted in front of him, but I always drive home...
  4. thxphotog

    Is this a one-piece back or two?

    I see what looks like a seam at the bottom middle it doesn't make it to the neck so I'm thinking one?? Thoughts?
  5. thxphotog

    NGD! 2019 50s Standard arrived (new pic added)

    Top pic w/ proper camera. (click it for higher rez) Others phone pics after I picked it up. Wasn't overwhelmed when I opened the case but after 2-3 minutes I came around. I'm at work and it was delivered here so I really haven't had a moment to dissect it but first impression it looks...
  6. thxphotog

    I need a cover for a Marshall DSL40c

    ...that's like the covers that come with Fender amps. Just a nice, black nylon(?) cover. Doesn't have to have the Marshall logo. I see a few on Amazon but they seem to be for heads, or maybe more of a 'universal' fit. I want it specific to the size of the DSL40, and I prefer not having the...
  7. thxphotog

    NAD & small family pic:

    Greetings. I joined the LP family (and forum) after getting my first LP about two months ago. The Les Paul disease is spreading quickly and I'm quite sure that I'll have many LPs (knock wood) before they find a cure. Anyway, I played my new LP through my buddy's JCM 800 and of course it's a...
  8. thxphotog

    The Pursuit of Tone on Direct TV...

    ..& U-Verse. (Audience Network) Have you seen this program/series? Looks like it's 2 episodes in now (Buddy Guy & most recently Mike Ness) & man is it an awesome gear-head show. This new ep w/ Mike Ness is shot so beautifully, loaded w/ glamour shots of his beat-up 70s P-90 LPs & vintage...
  9. thxphotog

    Silica dry-pack in guitar case; Should I keep it?

    My new LP came with a pretty good size Silica pack in the case. I live in Los Angeles, which is obviously already a dry climate. Should I keep the pack in the case? Better for guitar to be subjected to a little moisture than constant dry, yes? (I plan to keep this guitar in the case most...
  10. thxphotog

    Do all new Les Paul's come w/ a 'baby picture'?

    I saw on youtube 'Gibson Factory Tour' that the final setup tech in the Gibson factory included a 'baby picture' of that particular guitar in the case before it was shipped, but I thought perhaps that was just on Standards & Customs. Was happy to see a 'baby pic' included with my new...
  11. thxphotog

    NGD 2015 LP Traditional Pro 3T

    Pulled the trigger. My first LP (according to my wife, my last but she said that 3 Strats ago) Amazed at the tone the moment I plugged in. Tears to my eyes. (honestly it sounds pretty darn great when it's not plugged in! :-))
  12. thxphotog

    Question about 2015 LP Traditional Pro 3T

    I've done quick searches here and there's just so much info that I can't find the answer I'm looking for and timing is at play. Just curious if ALL the 2015 LP Traditional's originally come with the G-Force tuning system? I ask because I have had GC hold the last 2015 Wine colored 3T I've...

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