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  1. GammyBird

    Tidebreaker guitars - 300-year-old shipwreck finds new life in electric guitars

    Cool guitars....
  2. GammyBird

    Brian by Bacchus Stratocaster

    Selling my MIK Brian by Bacchus strat. Don't know the model number made in the early 90's. $350CDN OBO plus shipping. Volume pot is a tad scratchy but other than that it's fine. More details and pics in the link below. First picture is pretty much dead on the burst colour. The pickguard was...
  3. GammyBird

    For Sale: Boss GT-100

    ve had this for a little while, used it for a couple of gigs but it's not for me. I'm more comfortable with my pedals. Few scratches on the bottom but otherwise in great condition. $400 obo plus shipping. What looks to be dirt or scratches on the top left of the processor between the Bank Up...
  4. GammyBird

    Egnater Rebel 30 amp fading

    Hey guys. I have a Rebel 30 which has a volume fade over a period of an hour or so. Everything looks fine with the amp, lights are on, tubes are hot..ect. Just the volume fades. If I shut the amp down and restart, it comes back fine...for an hour or so. Wonky tube, cap? :dunno:
  5. GammyBird

    Ashly MFA 8000 Schematic

    Good day fine gentlemen. Anybody know where I can get the schematic for one of these power amps? I'm currently waiting on a few replies from the manufacturer but none yet. Thanks....
  6. GammyBird

    Dissolving glue from intonation screw??

    Ok, so I have this old Ibanez Roadstar II that has been to hell and back with me. Sometime in the past, a former owner repaired a broken intonation screw with some type of glue, most likely JB Weld. The glue eventually weakened and the intonation piece let go again. I have tried to back off...
  7. GammyBird

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas :thumbs: Hope all is well.
  8. GammyBird

    Gibson SG Custom Jr something or other.

    Just found this while sniffing around the net. Has nibs, what looks to be an ebony board but it's a string through body and the controls are out to lunch altogether. Is this a Gibson?
  9. GammyBird

    AHHHHH No noise!!!

    Well yes there is noise, but not what I'm looking for. I plugged in my lp this evening and was met with a buzz sound from my amp. Checked amp with another guitar. Pass Switched cables. Pass Changed input jack. Pass Checked and rechecked wiring for bad connections. Pass. Suggestions?
  10. GammyBird

    2012 Bacchus BLP-CTM

    2 piece mahogany body and top Ebony board 58 type neck profile Lacquer top finish Vineham Vintage Hot bridge pup 9lbs on the bathroom scale $1250 plus shipping. Or best offer...don't be shy :cool: This is a nice custom... More pics... Bacchus BLP-CTM Photos...
  11. GammyBird

    Northern Ireland clashes leave 56 police, 2 civilians injured

    You'd think that after all these years, they'd just get plain sick and tired of this...:dunno: Northern Ireland clashes leave 56 police, 2 civilians injured - World - CBC News
  12. GammyBird

    The Vet Trap....

    So I had puss to the vet's office yesterday because she has been sick the past couple of days, not eating or drinking ect... The visit was in the $500 ballpark. She is still sick this morning and after calling the vet, they want me to admit her for a couple of nights with more testing...
  13. GammyBird

    Adam Sandler Dies In Snowboard Accident
  14. GammyBird

    John Mayer and Keith Urban - CMT Crossroads

    Recommended viewing if you want to see two great guitar players do thier thing. Just some brilliant guitar phrasing, they're decent singers too :D YouTube
  15. GammyBird

    I'm a big fan of....

    Getting out of bed early to spend the whole ****ing day playing guitar! :thumb:
  16. GammyBird

    FS: Phaez EL34

    35 watt all EL34 powered Phaez-EL34. Good Lord this is a great amp but right now, for my purpose, it's just too much. I have moved on another less powerful amp so this will have to be moved. I have a one-in-one-out policy these days for some reason :dunno: Built for me in Dec '12...
  17. GammyBird

    Alleged terror plot targeting Via train thwarted

    Time to start bustin' some heads. ****in' arseholes. Alleged terror plot targeting Via train thwarted - Politics - CBC News
  18. GammyBird

    Hard times indeed.....

    I'm running short of money for beer, hookers, blow and guitars. Not to mention all the legal fees!! Give me a dollar!!! :thumbs:
  19. GammyBird

    On this Day Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope...

    33 years ago today Terry Fox started his Marathon of Hope run across Canada. He dipped his leg in the harbour about 200 feet from where I'm sitting now. He's raised millions for cancer since his death. Jebus time flies....
  20. GammyBird

    The Man they call Raveen....RIP

    Holy crap they're dropping like flies today.... Played numerous times in Atlantic Canada starting in 1960's | News919

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