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  1. thxphotog

    Gibson Collections - Show them off!

    Owner of two. for now......
  2. thxphotog

    LPs getting some fresh air this weekend:

    Took 'em out for a short walk on GibSunday.
  3. thxphotog

    NGD-50's les paul standar

    Yeah, my 50s Standard is a 2019. Just comparing it to my 2015 Trad, which again has a much slimmer neck than the 2019 50s.
  4. thxphotog

    NGD-50's les paul standar

    My Standard 50s' neck is much, much fatter than my 2015 traditional which is said to have a 60s neck.
  5. thxphotog

    NGD-50's les paul standar

    Opposite w/ mine. Low light the flame comes alive!
  6. thxphotog

    Possible New Guitar. Please Help.

    It is the bible! I've watched this vid multiple times not even needing any setup help, just a great watch. Love LPs, and love Joe!
  7. thxphotog

    Is my R8 a Fake?

    I had a new Strat that sounded dead acoustically compared to my other Strats, and it wasn't close. No life at all, and everything about it was physically perfect. Sounded fine plugged in, but it bothered me so much that when I had to purge a guitar or two, I had no problem saying goodbye...
  8. thxphotog

    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    The Darkness! (for that 70s LP Marshall tone in the 2000s) How has Boston not been mentioned? :-) Also, as somebody already posted, Ziggy! I'll add Foreigner Double Vision.
  9. thxphotog

    Original Collection GT P90's

    That is one perfect picture! A wall-hanger!
  10. thxphotog

    Original Collection GT P90's

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gold tops. Agree they are stunning! That said, I prefer a good burst as art because each one is so drastically unique, where gold tops (and I love them!!!) are 'same-ie'. Beautifully same-ie, but still..... :-) Congrats on the new guitar! Awesome!
  11. thxphotog


    Yep, like others have said; Gorgeous!
  12. thxphotog

    NGD 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60s Unburst

    Congrats! Not to feed the flames so to speak :)-)) but I agree with the above poster in that zebra's are a match made in heaven (aesthetically) for unbursts like yours. Either way, gorgeous guitar.
  13. thxphotog

    Traditional vs Standard 50s

    The new, pretty girl next door. Always very tempting. If you're board, why not?
  14. thxphotog

    Geddy Lee has a burst?

    My favorite quote that I've seen a number of places is something like: "Of the 1,700 or so Gibson Les Paul's manufactured between 1958-60, only 2,500 are know to have survived."
  15. thxphotog

    Redeye on The Tonight Show

    Definitely the real deal. Jason was posting about it on social day of. Will add that Jason is the best follow in the game on Twitter. Guy is as funny and clever as any comedian. I'll also add that no matter how hard I try, I can't connect w/ Sheryl Crow at all. Her voice to me has no...
  16. thxphotog

    Strap button stripped. Advice on fix?

    For the record, did the toothpick method. Took all of 20 seconds. Probably better than new. Brilliant! :-) Thanks everyone!
  17. thxphotog

    Vintage LPC...with a cool story

  18. thxphotog

    Strap button stripped. Advice on fix?

    Indeed! I have a Makita that will either snap your wrist, or break off the screw head unless you dial down the chuck. Thing has the torque of an Army tank.

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