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  1. redcoats1976

    2020 epi special weight?

    ive had mine for about a week now,changed out the strings,got it intonated properly and have had some time to compare it to my gibby tribute GT.mine weighs about 8 pounds,similiar to the gibby doesnt give away much in playability now that its dialed in to my liking.anyone else care to...
  2. redcoats1976

    social security

    sat down and filed online to start my benefits in december.i will be 63 at the end of november and im ready to retire,have been at the same job for 27 years,and its been both physically demanding and rewarding at various some ways i think i will miss it but in other ways i cant wait to...
  3. redcoats1976

    A/C help needed

    realised tonight that the air handler fan is not coming on in my central air system.outside unit works fine,but even with the fan control set in the on,not auto position no interior fan comes on.breakers are in the on position.went to install my back up window unit and discovered that my...
  4. redcoats1976


    some florida beaches claim to be opening up again,with restrictions...but they are not opening the parking areas.apparently if you are a well moneyed local you can use the beach,if not,F off.i havent missed a days work since this epidemic began,and yall have enjoyed all the toilet paper,food,TV...
  5. redcoats1976

    NGD yamaha revstar RS502T

    ive had the jones for one of these in ash grey for about a year now .found one on ebay used at sam ash for $512.two p-90s,cool tailpiece and i love the ash grey color so i figured i might as well spend some stimulus still working as an expendable(whoops,essential) worker so when i catch...
  6. redcoats1976

    stay away from the cake...

    just made a VA appointment to get my glucose meter,my family has 10 birthdays right around christmas so there was lots of cake.AIC is at 7 on the recent lab work.ive been told pretty much if it tastes good spit it out.have to limit bread,pasta,rice,no fried food,yada,yada ,yada.sitting here...
  7. redcoats1976

    somebody hit the carnival legend

    happened yesterday while it was docked in cozumel minding its own bizness.looking at the damage i doubt its gonna buff out.and that poor guy that fell into the ocean...geez.
  8. redcoats1976


    anyone else have to log in to get to look at their paycheck stubs?the company i work for has "improved"their security so i had to go through a bunch of hoops,give them my DOB and phone #,and at the end microsoft office wanted my CC#.i backed out of the site without giving it and im so mad i...
  9. redcoats1976

    NGD martin 00X1E

    for the past few weeks i had been looking at an ovation cedar top.great tone and volume but couldnt really get along with the round back.went on a road trip to daytona beach yesterday and found this martin parlor size(3/4) guitar.played a bunch of acoustics in the $400 range and this one stood...
  10. redcoats1976

    value check:ovation 1778TX-5

    theres a nice looking ovation 1778 TX-5 at my local GC $470 OTD with SKB hardshell TSA case,no key.guitar is practically new,is this a good deal?ive been trying to talk myself out of it for a couple of weeks now,but it sounds much better than anything remotely compareable.
  11. redcoats1976

    orlando guitar show.

    first weekend in february.anybody going to be there?
  12. redcoats1976

    VA medical care

    got a letter in the mail from the wife and i are both veterans,and enrolled in the VA healthcare system in 2016.the letter states that we made too much money in 2016(approx. $39,000 combined and we are being kicked out of the system with possibility of us having to pay them back copays we...
  13. redcoats1976

    new amp incoming

    played a used peavy classic 50 at my local GC.while it was good sounding they couldnt go down on price and it had a few ugly places in the tweed tolex.found one on the GC website for $399 (a hunnerd bucks less than local) .had to pay shipping on it from north carolina and wait a week but this...
  14. redcoats1976

    peavy classic 30-educate me

    looking to buy a classic 30 online,and im noticing there are two logo types,old peavy logo and the newer oval logo.are all peavys made in USA? what year was the transition to the new logo,and are there any differences between the two other than logo?
  15. redcoats1976

    the X files

    is still bitchin.that is all...
  16. redcoats1976

    pella windows

    getting ready to replace the windows in our 30 year old house with pella vinyl windows.anyone have experience in this,and are they good windows?
  17. redcoats1976

    doctor visit yesterday

    went for the lab work and doctor two months ive lost 15 pounds,cut my A1C by .5,and choleresterol by 5 points to 118.i am now classified as pre diabetic instead of diabetic.more apples,tuna and oatmeal to gonna see where this goes.
  18. redcoats1976

    #4 is on the way.

    just got a call from my daughter,grandchild #4 is on the way.i will be babysitting numbers 2 and 3,#1 is 13 and she wants to be in the delivery thinking that should scare her enough where i wont become a great grandpa anytime soon...
  19. redcoats1976

    question about central heat/air

    well,just the florida we dont need heat much.had one of our famous lightning storms last night ,and although nothing else was damaged the a/c system is not working.flipped the breakers,including the outside one by the compressor.the thermostat was showing a blank where the temp numbers...
  20. redcoats1976

    polishing a goldtop tribute

    got my 2017 GT tribute a couple of weeks ago and finished setting it up the way i want it a couple of days wondering about using a random orbital polisher and meguiers 205 on a 6"polishing pad on the back and sides.polished it by hand for a few minutes and got a little gloss on it but...

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