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  1. Uncle Vinnie

    The people dilemma NSFW

    Smart ass! :lol:
  2. Uncle Vinnie

    Joe Perry in motorcycle accident

    That's what he gets for hiding his toys in the attic.
  3. Uncle Vinnie

    The people dilemma NSFW

    As soon as I clicked on it I got pop-ups for gay porn.
  4. Uncle Vinnie

    What's The Biggest Band You've Played a Show With?

    It was a folk festival at Crisler Arena in Ann Arbor, 1990, '91? I played bass in a group led by a gal named Jan Krist (brilliant songwriter and lyricist) we played with Livingston Taylor, James' brother. 'bout as close to the big time as I ever got.
  5. Uncle Vinnie

    Americana Songs

  6. Uncle Vinnie

    I could use a laugh ..

    Post up some of your favorite prank/scare videos. This one has me cracking up ...
  7. Uncle Vinnie

    The early days of Dire Straits

    Gotta agree with you there.
  8. Uncle Vinnie

    The early days of Dire Straits

    Didn't he write all (or nearly all) their material? Solo or with DS, they're his compositions.
  9. Uncle Vinnie

    When Sears sold their brand made by others.

    Layaway was great.
  10. Uncle Vinnie

    Is No One Excited about a New Hummer?

    Solar charging panel included! Fully recharge your batteries in time to collect social security. Really, who needs 1k HP and 11k pounds of torque?
  11. Uncle Vinnie

    The Palisade Plunge...

    NFW!!! I injured myself just clicking open this thread ... and my Diamondback would probably break in two. Let us know when you set out on your trip. The MLP vultures will be circling over your guitar collection.
  12. Uncle Vinnie

    Horrible accident in Southern California

    Mal, Frehleychik has been resurrecting necro threads all morning ... some of them are pretty good too.
  13. Uncle Vinnie

    The early days of Dire Straits

    Remember the first time I heard "Sultans of Swing" During the mid-late '70s I worked afternoon shift at the Dodge Truck assembly plant in Warren, Michigan. Too hyped up to go home and go to sleep, so after work I used to drive around for a while in my badass '77 Chrysler Cordoba listening to...
  14. Uncle Vinnie

    So I was wondering to myself.... "where's the sly ol' Henry J.?"

    I heard he got into the automobile business ...
  15. Uncle Vinnie

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    Like being in a Baptist church on Sunday morning! :cheers2:
  16. Uncle Vinnie

    Joe Perry in motorcycle accident

    Can't call the kettle black. Done it myself. Perry's a danger on the road. Back in Aerosmith's heyday he was known to crack up a Corvette or two.
  17. Uncle Vinnie

    The song you relate to the most?

    Ah. Now I get it. I Break Things is an FBI profiler attempting to perform character/potential threat assessments on us using our song choices. :naughty: This oughta disrupt the algorithm. Actually, this is the one ...
  18. Uncle Vinnie

    A good day for me!

    Congrats! Pretty gal you got there. I see a hint of Mary Ford. Does she play?
  19. Uncle Vinnie

    Elton John Barbie Doll

    Mothers will be battling it out at shopping malls this Christmas a la Cabbage Patch. ETA: Does she have a dick?

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