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  1. Rick

    Only a Chibson is Good Enough

    :squint: I have a custom made high quality Slash LP clone.most Gibsons have a long tenon connection where neck attaches to body.these are CNC made from a solid piece of wood so they are one piece.these...
  2. Rick

    Alright boys, what the hell we looking at here? (CL)

    OK I'm stumped here. What the hell is this? Doesn't look fake, but this can't be a real Custom. Some kind of GOTM or something? ----- Selling my personal guitar. Brand new strings. Its a fantastic guitar with...
  3. Rick

    Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickups

    A pair of Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickups wired up for a Gibson quick connect (easily removed for standard wiring). Those quick connect adapters are usually $30 on their own unless you know how to make them yourself. Great condition and will ship in the original packaging.\ $125 shipped...
  4. Rick

    LP Nickel Conversion Kit (Faber, Creamtone, Grover)

    I might part these out but for now I'm offering this as a whole kit. You get: Faber ABRN in aged Nickel Faber Lightweight Aluminum Stoptail in Aged Nickel Faber Vintage Steel Studs in Aged Nickel Faber iNsert Conversion Posts in Aged Nickel Creamtone Absolute Vintage Pickguard Bracket Grover...
  5. Rick

    Taylor Guitars??

    I'm thinking my next guitar purchase will be a single cutaway nylon string guitar. I really love the look and sound of the Taylor models. Call me crazy but these guitars are $2,000 - $4,000 and have a bolt on neck, scarf joint headstock, and separate piece of wood for the heel. Maybe it's...
  6. Rick

    For The Love of Flame...

    Let's see some flame!
  7. Rick

    2003 American Standard Strat for Trade

    2003 American Standard Stratocaster with some modifications. LSR Roller Nut, Locking Tuners, Seymour Duncan pickups. It has also been refinished in Olympic White nitrocellulose lacquer. TruOil on the neck. The finish is very thin. There are long, vertical checking lines across the body (no...
  8. Rick

    Removing nitro lacquer from maple fretboard without harming frets?

    I need to strip the nitro off of a maple neck/fretboard. I'm thinking a heatgun is definitely out of the question for obvious reasons. Lacquer thinner I'm afraid might hurt the frets (does Fender glue in frets?). I'm thinking a razor blade to scrape in between the frets is the best option...
  9. Rick

    Spicy food lovers?

    I just had this bad boy for lunch: Bun, Fried chicken breast, Grinder's Death Nectar Hot Sauce (357,000 SHU), pickled serranos and jalapenos, garlic chili paste, cayenne butter. That's the restaurants photo. My photo looks less appetizing (that's how it always works): Daddy didn't raise...
  10. Rick

    WTT: 2003 American Strat

    Putting my Strat out here for trade. I recognize it might be hard to sell this one so I am seeing if anyone here wants to do a trade. The guitar is perfectly fine, but it has been refinished (by me.) In my experience that's a no-go for most people on CL or Reverb when trying to sell...
  11. Rick

    What are we looking at here, guys??

    Look at this $10,000 R9!!! I guess he spent all his month on the guitar since he took the photo with a Walmart flip phone. "2018 custom shop aquisition AAA quilt top 10000 invested sell for 8000 obo...
  12. Rick

    Filling in dents and dings before painting?

    What would be the best way to fill in minor dents and dings for a refinish? Trying to get a nice smooth base for the new finish. Stewmac has a section for "fillers and puttys" but all that's there is grain filler, no puttys for dents. And somehow I think regular wood putty would be a bad idea...
  13. Rick

    Can I get neck plate screws at any hardware store?

    I need some neck plate screws for a project. Are neck plate screws specific to guitars? Or just any regular screw will work? I looked at some screws at Lowe's in a hurry and it looked like the only kind that look similar are sheet metal screws. Wood screws aren't threaded all the way to the head...
  14. Rick

    New Ibanez Day!

    This guitar pretty much checks all the boxes for me - bolt neck, direct mount pickups, roasted maple neck, diverse switching options, stainless steel frets... Got a good deal for a slightly used one on Reverb. I'm still at work so I haven't had a chance to play or plug it in yet, but I'm...
  15. Rick

    Do you think this is a real '59?

    Someone posted this on Reddit. Just curious. :hmm:
  16. Rick

    Gibson 2019 Classic, Contemporary and Custom Models

    Haven't had time to finish the video but I wanted to share!
  17. Rick

    1993 PRS - $1,199 SOLD

    Price is $1,400. This guitar really is fantastic but GAS is real and this is the one I chose to put on the chopping block. Probably going to keep my current LPs for now. Here is the ad for pictures and description. 1993...
  18. Rick

    NGD - 1993 PRS CE24

    Traded for this 1993 PRS CE24. Condition is fantastic for a 25 year old guitar with one exception - the original purple finish has completely faded. There are a couple flat areas on the cowboy chord fret area but frets are otherwise great. Got them polished up last night and hope to spend some...
  19. Rick

    Anybody know anything about '90s PRS CE guitars?

    I'm told this is a 1993. What do you think about it? There's red around the toggle switch almost like it's faded but I'm told it's not faded. Maybe just thicker amber color in the indentation? I think it looks pretty cool. Might trade another guitar for it. Are these alder or mahogany back?

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