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  1. Tanner

    Whatever happened to River?

    Anyone that's been on this site before 2015 would definitely know who I'm talking about. He hasn't posted since 2016, hopefully he's doing alright.
  2. Tanner

    NGD: L6-S Reissue

    Starting about a couple years ago I had to cut down my collection significantly so I can pay bills and still eat at the same time. It really sucked narrowing down from 12+ guitars to only having 2. Recently, I've finally gotten back in good financial standing and could afford to start getting...
  3. Tanner

    WTF Is up with this pickguard?

    So I got a call from my buddy the other day. He tells me "Hey Tanner, I got this fucked up acid trip gone wrong looking bass thats been sitting in my garage for the past 7 years. You want it?" And after having to cut my collection down to just 2 guitars and 1 bass, I said Hell Yeah!! He drops it...
  4. Tanner

    New Band, New EP; Dedsun's EP0

    Hey everyone! A couple years ago, I joined my friends band on bass as a temporary fill-in. I wasn't terribly good at bass, but competent enough to fill in. 2 years later, we've finally put out the first of 3 EP's we're releasing over the next couple years. Can't really put a finger on what we...
  5. Tanner

    NGD - Brian May Red Special

    Around when I first joined this forum 10 years ago, I was around 14 and have only been playing guitar for a couple years. While my first guitar was an Epi Les Paul, the first guitar I had that really REALLY kicked me into gear on learning was a Brian May Guitars Red Special replica. I was...
  6. Tanner

    Unexpected NGD - MIJ Fender Contemporary Strat (85/86)

    I put up my Squier Vintage Modified 5 String Jazz Bass for sale or trade on facebook, didnt really get a lot of offers. I was mostly just looking to trade for a 4 string jazz bass. I got an offer from someone who was offering an MIM strat. After looking at the tremolo though, this clearly wasn't...
  7. Tanner

    Not So New Guitar Day - My old Epiphone Dot

    I bought a red epiphone dot in early 2012, it was my main guitar for about 4 years. I absolutely loved that guitar, it was perfect for me. Sadly, around 2016 I was starting to get behind on paying off old tickets so I had to sell it. I've been thinking about that guitar a lot since then. I did...
  8. Tanner

    Tears For Fears

    My fiance is a big fan of 80s music, mostly a bunch of new wave. A few months ago we were taking a road trip down to San Marcos and we listened to a good portion of her CD collection on the way there. A few hours in, she starts telling me about Tears For Fears and how fantastic of an album Songs...
  9. Tanner

    I'm engaged

    Title explains it all. Been wanting to post about it for a while but don't feel like posting a long sappy write up because tbh nobody here cares about that and that's cool with me. Anyways I'm very happy and very excited. Looking forward to a pretty dang good lifetime with my best friend.
  10. Tanner

    NGD - Parkwood H2

    Did a little more gear trading and everythings been successful lately. Yesterday I traded the ol' Twin Reverb for the Bassman and today I ended up trading a partscaster I got in a trade a while back (actually recieved the partscaster and a cheap Epiphone LP special for a sub sting ray) for this...
  11. Tanner

    NAD - 66 Fender Bassman w Dumble Mod

    Last year I traded my classic player Jazzmaster for a 76 Twin Reverb. Its a great amp, but waaayy too heavy for me to be carrying around by myself. I ended up posting it to facebook marketplace earlier today as a feeler and the first person to message me offers a 66 bassman with a matching 2x12...
  12. Tanner

    Need a favor

    Hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom, does anyone mind watching my Wendys 4 for $4 Value Meal while I go? Thanks!
  13. Tanner

    NGD - His and Hers Guitars

    Earlier this year I had to end up selling most of my gear, but things really picked up the past few months! I was able to buy most of my gear back and had enough leftover to get myself and my fiancee something extra. Sterling Albert Lee for me, and a Squier Mustang for her! I was teaching her...
  14. Tanner

    Movin Out

    Well, today's the day. My girlfriend and I decided to move in together. Found a pretty nice cheap 3bed/2bath house pretty close to both of our jobs. Already have all my stuff packed up and ready to go, my buddies should be here any moment now to help me get all my stuff out of my parents...
  15. Tanner

    Cutting down on gear

    At the beginning of 2018 I had around 17 guitars, 4 basses, 3 guitar amps, 1 bass amp, and around 30-ish pedals. Now I'm down to 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 amp each for guitar and bass, and the 9-ish pedals I can fit on my board. In the past few months I've written better material than I have before...
  16. Tanner

    I'm leaving

    I'm going to McDonalds, do you guys want anything?
  17. Tanner

    NAD - Vintage Fender Content

    So I've been using my Roland Jazz Chorus as my main (and only) amp for the past 6 years. I've had a couple other amps here and there that left shortly but I think I finally found something I intend to replace it with. 1976 Fender Twin Reverb. Electronics were just recently completely...
  18. Tanner

    Just took off all my stickers

    This tele's been with me for a long time now and it's been beat to shit, thrown around all over the place, and covered in stickers. Felt like it was time for a change. Also time for a sexy black pickguard too! Before After
  19. Tanner

    Friendship Bracelets - "Guns" now on Spotify/Apple Music/Etc

    Hey I know I posted this beforehand but if you haven't checked out my band's EP yet we just released it on spotify/apple music/google play/etc etc its probably up on youtube as well. Any feedback is appreciated!
  20. Tanner

    NGD - Silvertone 1478 Reissue

    Picked one of these up from guitar center a couple weeks ago. Now that I've had some time to mess around with it I can safely say not only is it a great guitar, but it's a much better guitar than the original it's based off of, after owning an original for a little bit and also a Harmony H15...

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