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  1. L96A1

    While you guys are getting the 2019s, I got this.

    I found this 1999 R9 from Japan, was taken for a 1997, got it at a good price. Believe I did a NGD post but really can’t find it. It had been play a lot, great playability, and love the crunchy sound. After a year I gathered my guts to send it over to Kim at HM with the help of @RAG7890 , this...
  2. L96A1

    NGD Goldie

    Its been some time since I bought my last guitar which set a pretty “mean” buying standard in my head. As I always hear good things about Goldie and though I’m like a decade late on this but here it comes. Not a big fan of the aging though said to be aged by TM himself( with all due respect I...
  3. L96A1

    WTB: Gibson customshop explorer case

    Let me know if any of you spares one.
  4. L96A1

    Korina top les paul, wonder how they sound.

    Always love korina and it looks good on a les paul too. Anyone tried one? How do they sound?
  5. L96A1

    What does it take for me to get a vintage Gibson fixed

    So, I’m from China and bought a vintage Gibson special a year ago, didn’t catch the leaning bridge on the photos from the seller, so I end up with a beautiful guitar, in the best condition I’ve seen, except with a leaning bridge, and probably would want to repalce the small frets too. Fearing...
  6. L96A1

    WTB: 90’s 57 Black Beauty

    Any one has one of these to move, please let me know.(2 pickups) Better in like new condition as I have this strange thing about a black les paul being scratchless…:facepalm: Need international shipping. Best
  7. L96A1

    NGD 1998 R9 (Thanks to Mark@Mark's Guitar Loft)

    About a year ago, I bought a 1998 R9, which was surprisingly good, I mean it sounded different from most R9s, probably because it used this soft maple. So I wondered how the sound will improve if done a Braz board change. Right before X'mas I saw this 1998 R9 which looks very similar to the one...
  8. L96A1

    Post Your Keeper Historic Reissues

    Always a pleasure to see gorgeous Les Pauls, shoot me with your keeper LPs, I will kick off:naughty: 2003 Braz R9 that I got from Rudi, best sounding hard maple LP, put in SD Joe Bonamassa Pickups, love it, reminds me of the previous owner too. 1998 Yamano R9 This popped up at late night and...
  9. L96A1

    NGD, 1998 Yamano 1959 reissue

    Hello It actually happend a while ago, since there are so many 2017 NGD posts, think I’d share some from the old days. They are not historically accurate, far from it. It came in like new, no scratch, no ding, pickups at 8.3/8.5K, sweet rock machine. I had a guitar exchange( for a few weeks)...
  10. L96A1

    Price check-2008 Gibson 50 anniversary 1958 reissue TM aged

    Hello folks So I came across this guitar and love it, nice neck, great top and fretboard, a little on the heavier side. But the price, its insane. So what is a...
  11. L96A1

    So, I have found my dream top, but I feel I need to do something.

    I think finallly i found my killer top, I think it is as far as top goes, for me. Made in 2001, all stock condition. Weight 3.99KG Pickup reading 8.0K at neck and 8.2K at bridge, 57 classic I assume. Well, the sound, less impressive, it lacks those bite that I like, the mids sound a little...
  12. L96A1

    Legit Stinger?

    Hello guys, A friend is about to pull the trigger on this, can you help confirm it belongs to the 2003 braz stinger run? the Serial number and MM serial looks legit. Just want to make sure. Unable to post the shop link as they are putting it on hold…I'm attaching all the pics he has. Thank...
  13. L96A1

    WTB: 2008 Gibson Korina Explorer 50th Anniversary

    Hello I know it's a long shot, but who knows. If you have one in good condition you want to move, shoot me a PM. Best:slash: Z
  14. L96A1

    Need help: how can this be fixed? leaning bridge

    It’s a long story but here is the thing: It’s a 1955 LP special, with the bridge, well, leaning forward like the pic says. The slots on the nut are pretty big, so I assume the previous owner favored heavier strings... Need your good folks idea how this should be fixed. It’s a good...
  15. L96A1

    NGD:1997 1960 Reissue

    Very happy with this one. Though some details are not ”historically correct”, such as the inlays and maybe the single ring tuner tips… Soundwise, unplugged it has amazing resonance and sustain on the trebles. Plugged it has the sexy woody tone expecially on neck pickup. My friend says...
  16. L96A1

    Aging on a 2003 R9

    So actually I'm posting this for my friend, he bought this guitar back in 2010, at the time he bought it, it had this aging all over the guitar, even on the headstock. The fretboard is Madagascar Rosewood, not braz. He's been wondering what kind of aging this is, kind of haunts him... I...
  17. L96A1

    NVGD1960 Special DC Cherry, Thanks to Rudi and Ray at GE

    Always liked Les Paul DC, used to have a LSL Topanga… Never thought I’d buy a Special with tons of money untill I see this beauty at Grinningelk. Guitar chemistry drives me nuts... Amazing condition, my favorite cherry color, not faded, as new as a reissue:naughty: Pickups:Neck at 9.11K and...
  18. L96A1

    This is the tone I’m looking for

    This is the tone I’m looking for, I plug a Gibson 1955 Reissue(P90) into a Tone King Royalist 45, it’s similar but not as creamy as the song below, any help is welcome here. Listen to the “Back in Black” from this tribute to AC/DC. Man it gets me unable to sleep…...
  19. L96A1

    NGD:2003 R9 Faded Tobacco, you have my gratitude guys

    Further to this post. Appreciate your help, couldn’t have done this without you guys.:D Special Thanks to Rudi, super nice, professional seller and good friend. Here are some pics when the...
  20. L96A1

    03 Braz R9 wanted

    Hi Guys Anyone want to part with one of your badies, pls shoot me a messege or email. Seriously want one. must be in the US though... Cheers. ZN

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