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  1. DotStudio

    No Direction Home - Bob Dylan (Netflix)

    Caught this on Netflix while hiding from Rona. It's a good watch. Might just be how it was edited, but he comes off a lot less pretentious than I would have assumed. He spends most of the movie, both old and new interviews, shunning the notion that he was the voice of a generation or anything...
  2. DotStudio

    Good deal on a BT Speaker - Marshall Stanmore

    Just a heads up if anyone's interested. I think I paid more for mine refurbished. Great sound quality for $150.
  3. DotStudio

    "Post your...", "Show us your...", "Show us your with..."

    Topic potpourri!! Just doing my part to move things along :laugh2:
  4. DotStudio

    NAD: Fender Bassbreaker 15 Combo

    Since my Monoprice crapped out, I figured I'd try something new. It came down to the Bassbreaker 15 or the Marshall Origin 20. To be honest, I liked the sound of the Origin a bit better, but just for that typical Marshall tone. That's really all it did well, and I'm not much of a pedal guy. The...
  5. DotStudio

    Can anyone tell how old this strat is with very little info?

    These pictures are from a listing for a local barn sale tomorrow morning. Any idea how old it is? I know the pics aren't great, but some people really Sherlock out on headstock shapes, logo placements and such. Thought I'd at least ask. Gracias.
  6. DotStudio

    My Mighty Monoprice is Dead - Any ideas?

    Got plenty of playing done considering the $170 I spent, but she's dead. Current state of the amp... A fuse popped. Bought some replacements, but it keeps popping. This guy... I should note that I know absolutely nothing about amps other than how to get mediocre music to come out of the...
  7. DotStudio

    PSA - 2017 Gibson SG Faded $630 - Until 3 PM

    Good deal, I'm tempted. Figured I'd give a heads up. Deal is only good until 3 PM.
  8. DotStudio

    "Are You Experienced?" solo backwards (forwards)

    Flipping through the pre-sets this morning, I stopped for some Jimi. Thought to myself, "I wonder what that solo sounded like forwards?" As always, the internet comes through... Good stuff. It still sounds pretty trippy even without being reversed.
  9. DotStudio

    Bling Pedal In All Its Glory

    Just recorded my take for the November backing track of the month. This is just my cheapie amp and a rangemaster clone courtesy of our own Bling. All at bedroom levels, nothing added via software. Bling makes one hell of a pedal (sorry Joe B). Anyways, figured I'd share... Listen to Blingus...
  10. DotStudio

    2018 Gibsons (Pics Galore)

    For those of you that don't wander out of The Backstage that often... 2018 Gibson Pics/Specs are leaking out. I'm liking what I see so far. More details (including some specs) found here: Most pics provided by @Oleynior and @ChrissDR...
  11. DotStudio

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Clapton Isolated

    Not sure if this was posted before, but I think it's pretty cool. I like how it sounds off at points but sits so well in the mix when it was all said and done. Lots of great bends and vibrato to get that thing to weep.
  12. DotStudio

    Hometown Foods

    Inspired by the mom's food thread, post up your town's local specialty. It can be your current town or stuff you miss. Hopefully it gives me some ideas on what to eat while traveling. Two I miss... Famous Hot Weiner in Hanover, PA Where the locals go to eat mass quantities of chili and...
  13. DotStudio

    Coolest Car You've Owned

    A mix between the coolest guitar and dream car thread. Post up the coolest car you've owned. Mine was a 67 Mustang. That thing would scoot. Sold it for an ill-advised ring purchase that didn't quite pan out. :facepalm: I know many of our members come from an era when cool cars were...
  14. DotStudio

    Your Prized Possession (Non-Guitar)

    Inspired by what I thought TheX's previous thread was going to be about... What is your non guitar-related prized possession? I'll go first. Autographed Hank Aaron Rookie Back Story: My dad bought this in the 80's for $20 and had it signed in person. Growing up, I thought it was the...
  15. DotStudio

    Modern Travel is Pretty Great

    I just got back from traveling all over with the wife over the past month or so. There are so many tools that make it easy to travel now. If you have the means, it's a great time to get around. - My wife used this to book the majority of our trip. It's sort of like Groupon...
  16. DotStudio

    WTB: Poodle Pups

    No choodles please! Sorry, had to :laugh2:
  17. DotStudio

    Messing Around On My Strat

    Just noodling and such on the cheapie amp and cheapie strat.
  18. DotStudio

    How cool is Danny Carey (TOOL)?

    Danny was playing in a charity golf tournament and found out the kids providing the after-dinner entertainment were playing one of his songs, so he jumped in behind the kit. How awesome would that be? And the band didn't even pass out from excitement (which would be my reaction). Good stuff...
  19. DotStudio

    Classic Rock Deep Tracks

    Post up your favorite songs from huge bands that don't get any radio play. Try to keep it to one song per band or else we'll have posts of entire back catalogues. :laugh2: I submit "Mr Banker" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. By far my favorite LS track, but I've never heard it on the radio...
  20. DotStudio

    Sub-Forum Cross-Pollination - Backing Track of the Month

    Recently I stumbled into the "Guitar Lessons" sub-forum here on MLP. Forum member Orange Lester sets up a backing track every month for everyone to do their worst to. This month's track is a Pink Floyd-inspired tune: It's a great...

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