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  1. XpensiveWino

    1967 Rickenbacker 360 FT. What's out there?

    Mostly a feeler thread. Looking for (player grades welcome): Reissue LPs 2 for 1 trades? (no studios, epis, etc) Hollow/thinline Gibsons Vintage (ish) Gibsons Gibson Acoustics, primarily J-200, or a variant of the high end Jumbos Gretsch guitars (USA vintage or Japan) What else?? I'll consider...
  2. XpensiveWino

    Duncan JBJ and Phat Cat

    Cleaning out the parts drawer a bit. I don't have any projects for these two, so here they are for sale Duncan JBJ. I don't know much about these other than this is one of the 'unicorn' pickups you hear about. It came out of a '77 Custom I bought a couple years back. It works, other than...
  3. XpensiveWino

    1977 Custom FS - trades/offers considered - SOLD

    Alright gang, here goes. 1977 Custom no breaks, Rock n Roll machine for sale. I love this guitar, but at a time like this I can use some dry powder in my keg, so to speak. This is a cool tobacco burst. It has a bit more red/orange in it than the usual brown/yellow tobacco bursts. The pics...
  4. XpensiveWino

    Snakes and LPs

    Anyone else? Corona boredom led to a photoshoot today. '75 Lp Deluxe - "Gentleman's Delight"
  5. XpensiveWino

    WTB S/J-200 - what's out there?!?!

    I'm a bit ticked at myself, I let a local opportunity slide through my fingers. I've decided I really want one of these Jumbos. No Studios please. Depending on the price I might be able to buy it outright, otherwise I have some solid Gibson gear to trade towards one, including a '77 LP...
  6. XpensiveWino

    New Project Guitar Day, What would you do?

    I picked up this LP project a little while back. I requested a small bit more work done it (TP posts). It arrived today!! Small builder (forum brother) that has had enough of the big "G" and their latest body trademark tyranny. He unloaded it all to me. Finishing the project is on me. The...
  7. XpensiveWino

    Golden hour sun on a flame top

    I walked through my living room and saw this tonight as the sun was setting. It begged for a couple photos. Show me some more 'sunset flametops'!!
  8. XpensiveWino

    WTB SM57 and SM58

    Anyone got any used Shures kicking around? I'd prefer to deal here than try to sift through fakes and non-working junk. Looking for 2 57's and a 58. Let me know what's out there. Cash or trade works for me. I'm pretty easy to get a deal done with. Lots of references and completed deals...
  9. XpensiveWino

    R9 House Guest 2011 VOS Extra Faded Cherry

    My brother in law came by a few weeks ago, and we geeked out on some guitars and music. Among others I had not seen yet, he brought over this R9. As he was packing up, he notes I'm a bit of a LP nut, and that he should just leave the R9 here with me for a bit. No argument from me!! The fit...
  10. XpensiveWino

    Bigsby B7 Vibramate for 335/archtops $38 shipped/pp'd

    I bought a used Vibramate but did not do my homework properly. I need the 8.5" arch top vibramate. I ordered the 8". It is a complete set with all screws, plates, felt, end pin and bushing. The Custom Made plate is *not* included. It was not included in the sale to me. It does have the...
  11. XpensiveWino

    Favorite Irish Pubs in the South East?? Looking for booking contacts.

    Hi everyone, I am working on a January 2020 tour. One route or another I will go from Asheville, NC area all the way south to Punta Gorda Florida. I have 7 nights on the road. Outside of starting in Asheville, playing a night in Jacksonville, FL, and a night in Punta Gorda, FL, I am wide open...
  12. XpensiveWino

    NGD 335 Memphis Dot 2011!!

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Scored this well played and broken in beauty today. Screaming deal on it. It has a headstock repair that brought the price right into my sweet spot. Frets are still nearly perfect. Loaded with Duncan Antiquities, RS Guitarworks PIO caps and pots upgrade, and a Callaham...
  13. XpensiveWino

    2016 Traditional - Headstock repair, pro level upgrades, Bigsby, Zhangbuckers, Priced to sell!

    Hi everyone, this one is tough, but I need to raise some cash for an incoming 335. I love this guitar, but in a full stable of Les Pauls (Standard, Custom, Deluxe, Junior), this one is the one that will need to go. I'm moving kind of fast on this tonight. I've got lots of transactions, forum...
  14. XpensiveWino

    WTB: 335 player/project/repair. Who's got one??

    I want a 335. Champagne tastes on Miller Lite budget. Seriously, I've got some cash in my pocket and I know my way around a work bench. I also do not harbor any reservations against neck repairs that have been done properly. So, what's out there? Lots of transaction references and forum...
  15. XpensiveWino

    NGD 1967 Rickenbacker 360 basketcase

    Scored this on a craigslist hunt two days ago. The great news is that was dirt cheap. It's a mess though: horribly bowed neck and separating fretboard. It had some piano gauge strings on it, and a way over tightened truss rod. Electronics on it were absolutely a mess. I'll be starting over...
  16. XpensiveWino

    WTB Rickenbacker Toaster pickup

    Looking for one for a Ric 360. Vintage or re-issue is cool.
  17. XpensiveWino

    converting a 60's slim profile to a 50's profile? Looking for direction

    Anyone have suggestions on achieving this? The best I can come up with is mahogany veneer then sand/shape to my liking. Anyone have any experience on this? I've got a Les Paul Standard that I just love. I did a headstock repair on it years back. The tone and top on it are just outstanding...
  18. XpensiveWino

    Gorgeous Ovation USA made 1778lx, top of the line model

    I know these are kind of niche guitars. Maybe there is some interest here for it. I've had this guitar for about 5 years now, and in the meantime purchased a couple Gibson acoustics. $850 includes all PP fees (you get buyer protection), shipping to lower 48 and insurance. USA Ovation, made...
  19. XpensiveWino

    2007 Melody Maker - Starr Guitars Vintage Makeover - SOLD

    I'm raising some spending money for a specific purchase, so a few of my guitars are going up on the block. This is a 2007 Gibson Melody Maker (sometimes identified as a 1959 reissue online). It is NOT a Gibson Custom Shop guitar. Starr guitars redid this one a few years back with a nitro...
  20. XpensiveWino

    1974 Custom 20th Anniversary Neck Repair

    A friend brought this in to work today for me to take a look at. No problemo. I'll have this one back in playing condition pronto. He's had this guitar at least 30 years, and is his keeper. I can't wait to get it back in his hands ready to play. He was a bit distraught about the whole...

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