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  1. wmachine

    PSA MF SDOTD II Gibson 2017 Firebird Studio T Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst $699

    Another good deal, may not last either.......
  2. wmachine

    PSA MF SDOTD Gibson SG Faded 2018 Electric Guitar Worn Bourbon Black Pickguard $499.00
  3. wmachine

    NVGD Gibson Explorer E2

    Okay, I'll start by saying I posted in another thread that I have a 2016 Explorer Faded that just wasn't cutting it. So I decided rather than spend time/energy/$$ trying to give life to it, I'd...
  4. wmachine

    What is VOS and exactly what is done Any answers?
  5. wmachine

    What is VOS and exactly what is done

    First of all, I'm not going to muddy up the thread going on under Les Pauls. Second, I realize that the process may have changed since they started it. Third, I can guess all day long too, so I'd like to stick to what what is known. I'm trying to find out what exactly is involved and can't...
  6. wmachine

    Case alert for 2015 gold cases for LPJs and LP Special

    If you have one, you may want to read this to keep your LP from being damaged as happened with a poster on another forum. The cases for those 2 models are for just those 2 models and differ (somehow) from the other LP cases. Problem is the neck rests on the edge (corner) of the compartment next...
  7. wmachine

    Sam Ash is getting more 2015 Les Pauls

    Just LPMs and Traditionals. Shown on their site now, but you have to call in to order. Told they had too much of a mess with internet orders, so it is phone in only...
  8. wmachine

    $319 Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Honey Burst

    Musicians Friend Stupid deal, today only. May sell out so don't sit on the fence. This is about as good as it gets on one of the best EPI workhorses. Solid, solid value.
  9. wmachine

    MF Stupid Deal Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Traditional PRO Electric Guitar Ebony $329 Great price on a really good EPI LP. Today only. edit: fixed link
  10. wmachine

    Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee Reissue Blowout

    I pulled the trigger on one of these yesterday. Brand new $999.00 delivered. Saw prices $999-$1249. *Apparently* discontinued, but some debate on that.
  11. wmachine

    NGD recently, Brad Gillis Fernandes Sig Strat

    I was recently fortunate enough to get the number 1 guitar on my bucket list: A Brad Gillis Fernandes Signature Strat. I had some reservations about it being authentic, as most that I've seen are different than this one. I know there are some known variations. I do know of one other one...
  12. wmachine

    MF Stupid Deal today only Fender Bassman 810 Pro 2,000W Bass Speaker Cabinet $499 Lurking as a secondary MF Stupid Deal. Seems like a really good deal. That's out the door, delivered. I'm in for one.
  13. wmachine

    Gibson SG Tributes

    I'm posting this in the LP section because it is about Les Paul. I was reading on the Gibson website about the four 2013 SG Tribute models. On all 4, it says the following: "Gibson USA is celebrating 2013 as the Year of Les Paul, and is blowing it up big with a new series of decade-dedicated...
  14. wmachine

    Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plaintop Solidbody Electric Guitar with Plus Top Okay, this looks great. But talk about double talk, since when has a "Plus" top ever been a "Plain" top? Since now, I guess. Better just use our eyes and forget...
  15. wmachine

    Les-Paul-Traditional-Pro-IV Now on the GC webpage.
  16. wmachine

    recent NGD B C Rich Mockingbird Contour

    This one but in black, of course: B.C. Rich Mockingbird Contour Electric Guitar Gold Top | Guitar Center Was a MF Stupid Deal, price matched at GC for $199. Didn't expect a lot, but was I in for a surprise. More like shocked. This guitar is amazingly good. For $400 even. Flawless finish...
  17. wmachine

    Long road to my LP Trad Pro 3T, yes a 2015

    Spoiler alert, I've ended up with one that I'm extremely happy with. Started here: Now to here: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro 3T Electric Guitar Heritage...
  18. wmachine

    NGD EPI Riviera Custom P93 Blue Royale, Chicago Pearl

    Ltd. Ed. Riviera Custom P93 Blue Royale Wanted to get a semi hollow body electric, and decided to get this one. Also wanting to get some P90s, this took care of both wants. Quite frankly, this guitar is a tremendous bang for the buck. The deal: $399.99 offered by MF, price matched by GC, so...
  19. wmachine

    EPI electrics

    I know the advice "has always been" to replace EPI wiring. But now that EPI is using "full size" 1" 500k pots, is this really a major thing anymore? Or is this just general advice that has not been kept up to date? It is too easy to generalize.
  20. wmachine

    Gibson Les Paul Classic Plain Top 2016 Limited-Edition Proprietary?

    So what's up with this model? Not on the Gibson site. Not offered in the US? IN STOCK: Limited-Edition Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Proprietary Run Guitars Gibson Les Paul Classic 2016 Plain Top Ltd. | PMT Appears to be a 2016 offering like the 2015 Trad Pro 3 variants.

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