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  1. BigJim

    Is $11K too much for a 61 SG with a headstock repair?

    Even if it has untouched PAFs? Asking for a friend...
  2. BigJim

    FSOT: Duncan, Dimarzio humbuckers

    Clearing out some unused humbuckers Duncan SH16 Custom/Hybrid bridge. 4 conductor, plenty of lead, stock cover. $old shipped, Gibson spacing Duncan SHPG1N Pearly Gates neck. 4 conductor, plenty of lead, stock cover. $70 shipped, Gibson spacing Duncan TB PG1B Pearly Gates, 4 conductor, plenty...
  3. BigJim

    WTB: Double Cream PAF type, bridge

    Alnico 2, not too hot, need double cream, aged, 2 conductor. ThroBak MXV SLE 101, Rewind Creme Brulle, Antiquity, etc. Not looking for Dimarzio 36th or Duncan 59, Seths, Pearlies I have a pile of those here already.
  4. BigJim

    FSOT: ThroBak MXV SLE 101 + PAFs

    Looking to sell or swap a set of MXV SLE 101+ PAF types. Long leads, shiny covers, great "hot" PAF tones. Selling for $400 shipped Would consider swapping for a pair of ThroBak MXV SLE 101s. Please note: I will pull these out of...
  5. BigJim

    FSOT: Lollar P90s

    Pair of Lollar P90s, bridge is 5% overwound. $150, will swap for pedals, PAF type humbuckers, or a pair of "cooler" P90s (8K bridge PU) Neck reads : 7.95k Bridge reads 9.45k
  6. BigJim

    FSOT: JRockett, Monsterpiece, Mooer, Pedaltrain Nano w Spark TRADED, please delete

    Prices shipped an PayPal'd Monsterpiece Classic Fuzz (based on Fuzz Face) $75 Mooer Ana Echo $65 box J Rockett Josh Smith Twin Trem $120 box J Rockett Immortal Echo, $old Pedaltrain Nano, with bag $75, super clean. Trades considered. Looking for 50mm, uncovered bridge humbucker, 4 conductor...
  7. BigJim

    Three hot PAF bridge pickups

    Three bridge pickups, hot PAF types. Arcane 59 Triple Clone, ~9.0k, aged, two conductor, lotsa lead length. $100 shipped Suhr DSV, drilled for direct mount, 5 inches of lead, 4 conductor $70 shipped Will Boggs Firewater ~13k, gold cover, four conductor, lotsa lead left. Infamous winder winds...
  8. BigJim

    63 ES 335 Reissue

    50th anniversary 63 ES 335 Reissue. Bone stock VOS finish, some dings and swirls here and there, conservatively rated as very good condition Comfy 60's carve, still has that sweet vanilla nitro smell! COA, case included $2850 shipped, PayPal.
  9. BigJim

    WTB: Duncan SH14 Custom 5 bridge

    Ya bro
  10. BigJim

    NGD: Probett Rocket 59

    Was socking away for an R9, but they seemed too expensive for what I was looking for. Been reading about Probett, oogled the pix, always thought they were out of reach, and rarely seen on the used market.. Anyway, found a Rocket 59 on Reverb for a decent price, haggled the price down a little...
  11. BigJim

    When did they stop using the truss rod sheaths on Historics?

    Asking for a friend...:facepalm::acoustic::applause:
  12. BigJim

    Those wraptail, off center topped 55 flametops , anyone have??

    Saw a flametop wraptail with an off center split R5. Been hankerin' for a wraptail with 2 humbuckers, anyone have one of these??
  13. BigJim

    Double post, plz del.

    Looking for something a little hotter, around 9 to 10k.
  14. BigJim

    Wanted: Hotter bridge PAF type

    Looking for something a little hotter, around 9 to 10k.
  15. BigJim

    Lovepedal Fuzzes

    Fuzzes don't jibe. All prices shipped and PayPal. All with original boxes. Mark III Fuzz/OD $95 SNS Fuzz 50 $65 Mississippi Tchula $old 200lbs of Gold $old
  16. BigJim

    WTB: 3 Pickup LP Custom Black Beauty or Artisan

    Hankerin' for something cool. No Bixbys, playwear preferred. I know these can get heavy, 10lbs max. Looking to spend $2500 to $3000 all in. Artisans considered too!
  17. BigJim

    For Trade: 89 PRS CU24, players grade

    Players grade 89 PRS Custom 24. Has pro headstock split repair, but is solid and plays/sounds great. It's on Reverb, see details here: I'm looking for an SSH style guitar from Fender CS, Suhr, Tyler, Stevens, etc...
  18. BigJim

    58 ES335 reissue for trade

    2016 58 ES 335 Reissue from Memphis. Aside from VOS finish, mint condition. I played for a bit around the house, then put it in its case. I'm not a semi hollow guy, but all the classic blues and jazz tones are there. I had the neck adjusted at a local luthier, it has just a slight bow to it (my...
  19. BigJim

    58 ES335 reissue

    16 58 ES335 Reissue. Mint, never left the house. Fat neck, MHS Pickups, a little over 8lbs. VOS finish actually looks good on this. $2400 shipped, no trades at the moment.
  20. BigJim

    Traded, delete please

    I got a 2010 Les Paul Traditional Plus in a trade last week, I have two other Les Pauls at home, so this one needs to go! It's in very good shape, some dings here and there, some slight buckle rash on the back. Nothing deep or significant. Weighs 8.66 lbs, 50's neck that is really comfy to...

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