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  1. neoclassical

    I'm a new apprentice

    My wife is much cooler with TAS than GAS. She understands there is a much greater chance of making money with the tools instead of gear and pouring money into another band. She's pretty cool.
  2. neoclassical

    I'm a new apprentice

    Thank you guys. I haven't been this happy in a long time. I love every challenge being presented to me.
  3. neoclassical

    I'm a new apprentice

    I bugged a local luthier -actually I wanted him to look at my Les Paul to see if there was anything I could do to make it even easier to play and ask about fretwork and I mentioned how much I love classical guitars, and would love to build them despite being a shite classical player. So a couple...
  4. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    Finally got the War Pig from Black Cat Vintage Guitar FX, it is nicely wired. Pics and review later -I'm nursing a knee injury and will need to slide down the basement steps to test it later.
  5. neoclassical

    Ibanez recs..

    I've owned a few RG's over the years and they are great versatile guitars.
  6. neoclassical


    I started with the Stroboclip and then got the HD. It's tough doing an intonation job with the clip on. It doesn't hold the note as long. Also the clip broke a while ago. A Korg Pitchblack would work for most. I did intonation jobs back in the 90's with a Sabine, a Korg, and a Seiko at...
  7. neoclassical


    I use a Peterson with the guitar in the playing position approximating my or the player's described touch. I also tune the 5th fret and intonate at the 17th in EQU mode (per Peterson's recs) I feel it gives better results all over, but especially higher up.
  8. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    Black Cat Vintage FX is refunding my money, we'll see if that actually happens just like ordering a unit from them. I can't believe I'm saying I have to "settle for" an Analog Man Beano. The War Pig was the unit to have -OC44, Mullard tone caps, vintage resistors, and hand wired. Idk why...
  9. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    6 weeks. I ordered a War Pig that was never sent to me from Black Cat Vintage Guitar fx. I've received numerous emails from the seller promising the pedal was built/shipped which culminated with a FedEx and Parcel2Go tracking number showing (again) the package was never picked up on his end...
  10. neoclassical

    HNGD to me! Epi SG Classic

    Thank you. I'm amazed at how well it plays. I'm thinking of getting another Epi SG for X-mas (61 std or reg std).
  11. neoclassical

    I don't love my Pyramids.

    I love the warmth of pure nickel strings ever since someone on here recommended the DR Pure Blues, I was a Dean Markley Cryo fan until then. Ernie Ball makes the Classic Rock and Roll nickel sets. Maybe their version will work better for you since you were using EB Power Slinky before.
  12. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    Or maybe not...
  13. neoclassical

    HNGD to me! Epi SG Classic

    This is my first Epi and first axe purchased online (Sweetwater) and I am amazed! Except for 1 finish blem that I can live with, and lowering the treble side action 1/64th" she is as good as I would have picked from a local store. The tongue has some nice fall away, and the neck is dead...
  14. neoclassical

    Incoming SG Special

    Congrats! I was looking at these as well, but settled on the SG classic which should be here sometime today.
  15. neoclassical

    Beano Boost?

    My War Pig is set to ship this Thurs.
  16. neoclassical

    Need refret on les Paul....need to find my fret guy...I’m from North EasternUS

    John Vergara at Lord of the Strings in Beacon, NY too far?
  17. neoclassical

    Looking for an SG -Orville?

    I'm looking for an SG, the new Epiphones look nice (SG Classic, Classic worn I might want p90's and the Standard). I'm also open to MIJ versions. I've yet to be disappointed with axes from Japan. Their fretwork is always great, they shred etc. Would it be worth spending more on an Orville with...
  18. neoclassical

    blues junior... les paul and ___ overdrive

    Nicely modded TS9 or a treble booster.
  19. neoclassical

    Post your no-frills, affordable and still cool sub $500 pedalboard.

    I'll have to take a pic, but: Boss 3 pedal case $40 ISP Decimator was ~$120 new IIRC Ibanez TS9 with mods I did (I think I spent well under $100 on it years ago) Line 6 XDS95 wireless -gift Sometimes I switch the TS9 for a home built treble booster ($40) or an amptop War Pig rangemaster clone...
  20. neoclassical

    Pawn shop score- LP Special DC - Faded

    All the pawn shops I go to have Epiphones missing parts at best. HNGD!

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