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  1. filtersweep

    Agile 3100

    The Agiles seem to be sold out most of the time. I believe the dude places a few major orders a year. Also, a 3100 will cost about $500 with a case-- plus shipping. Granted, on paper, the specs look amazing. You can buy pretty much any used Epiphone for that price..... and approach the price...
  2. filtersweep

    Why do I hate Paul Shaffer?

    Strange he evokes such a reaction. I generally found him 'funny' on Letterman-- an appropriate foil for Dave, at least. And what an amazing gig-- getting to play almost nightly for decades. But I do not recall him sitting in with every band.
  3. filtersweep

    Thoughts on the LP Custom Lite vs LP Custom

    I did. Seller was local. He is a bassist— who worked at the local music store. He had shipped it COD— and it was returned. The buyer never picked it up. So this was a local sale only. I didn’t even think of haggling. I jumped on this deal. No doubt they are great guitars. I am not trying to...
  4. filtersweep

    Thoughts on the LP Custom Lite vs LP Custom

    I would argue that an 80s Custom Lite is built better than the newer models.... and are generally scarce and priced accordingly. My 2013 cost around $850 used— and was dead mint. Now I see them listed at twice that.
  5. filtersweep

    Thoughts on the LP Custom Lite vs LP Custom

    I own a 2013 Custom Lite— and a 2014 R8... and a 2010 Tribute and an SG Standard (for your reference). I bought the Custom Lite used- cheap. It is a good guitar— but it weighs MORE than my Tribute, and it is not custom shop quality. I would only buy one if the price was awesome. The...
  6. filtersweep

    jokes & funnies.

    Waldo is Wally where I live. Even the UK might have a different name— not totally sure there.
  7. filtersweep

    NGD Les Paul Custom

    My 2013 has a split diamond inlay. Mine sits between my Tribute and R8--- and it is quite a decent guitar. Oddly enough, my Tribute weighs the same as the Custom Lite. I find the pickups too hot for my taste, but haven't swapped them as they are gold..... and the wiring is a bit messy given...
  8. filtersweep

    quality vs quantity

    If you cannot find quality at $2K, then you have issues....
  9. filtersweep

    New Eric Gales Lick Lesson :-)

    I like Germany. I like Gales. Usually his entire approach to playing is so backwards and upside down that my brain melts.
  10. filtersweep

    Gibson LP Real or Fake?????

    Yet it appears someone is in the process of 'upgrading' it.....
  11. filtersweep

    KISS FANS....

    You write that like it is a bad thing..... ;)
  12. filtersweep

    spark amp

    This is no joke. I had a Yale smart lock--- it was brilliant with kids and all--- but a major hassle to transfer when we sold our house-- since there was not wired internet when the new owners took it over. And lord knows how long they will be supported by the apps they rely on. We have a...
  13. filtersweep

    The Social Dilemma

    If the ads Facebook gives me are any indication of what they know about me, this is all bullshit. Their ads are rubbish.
  14. filtersweep

    NGD Midtown Custom Tuxedo

    How is it playing a flat top? It isn’t carved, is it?
  15. filtersweep

    My Favorite Humbuckers So Far

    As far as I am concerned, that IS the point. They are all great.
  16. filtersweep

    My Favorite Humbuckers So Far

    Great review. I own Rewinds and Custombuckers— nice to see there are not major qualitative differences relative to the others. Obviously different pickups sound different— and what is ‘best’ is subjective, dependent on style, and is a matter of taste.
  17. filtersweep

    Floating bridge

    Wire nails? You probably need a gun— you don’t plan on using a hammer.... Not sure I’d be brave enough to try either.
  18. filtersweep

    Floating bridge

    Change one string at a time... I’ve never had an issue with that.
  19. filtersweep

    Did I get a "factory second" or "b-stock" without knowing?

    Difficult to say without seeing it... Pretty sure many, if not most Gibsons would not fare well under a microscopic inspection. If you feel dissppointed, just return it. There are plenty of ‘issues’ I can tolerate in a used guitar— or even an in-store purchase. But I do not tolerate surprsises...
  20. filtersweep

    Considering eloping

    We eloped— basically. We married in a court house, but no one was invited except two witnesses. We told our parents We had a wedding celebration/ church blessing in Europe six months later.

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