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  1. KS 5150

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    Now THIS is a monster top! :thumbs:
  2. KS 5150

    For Sale - 1974 White Custom

    Oh Wow! I was looking for this exact guitar back in May '19 when I was in the market. Ended up finding another keeper, but this one is so awesome! GLWS!
  3. KS 5150

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    2013 R9
  4. KS 5150

    R9 Upgrade with Vintage Parts (pic heavy)

    Congrats on an absolute beauty of an R9! It's very gratifying to hear firsthand knowledge of the effects these upgrades can make. Enjoy!
  5. KS 5150

    NGD - Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue VOS - Lemon Burst

    Congratulations! Love:thumb: the unique top. Enjoy It
  6. KS 5150

    NGD: 2011 R9

    That is really, really cool :thumb: HNGD!
  7. KS 5150

    NGD - Les Paul 60th Anniversary 1959

    That is beautiful! HNGD
  8. KS 5150

    NGD Les Paul Classic.........

    Congrats, that's a sweet Classic! HNGD EDIT: reading your last comment, I guess I spoke to soon lol
  9. KS 5150

    NGD 2017 Traditional

    Wow! Talk about a flame monster :thumb:
  10. KS 5150

    '81 Marshall JCM 800 - 1X12 Combo

    That's a great deal! I have an '84 4104 2X12, and the JCM combos are just monsters...TONE, TONE, TONE :) GLWS
  11. KS 5150

    Where Would I Get/Find This Stuff?

    Owner's manual as well. Possibly a trussrod wrench depending on model.
  12. KS 5150

    Creamtone Truss Rod Covers.

    The owner's name is Lonnie. I heard from him when I bought a vintage-spec SG pickguard. Seems like a great guy :thumb:
  13. KS 5150

    NGD Standard '50s Tobacco Burst

    Love unique tops like this...enjoy!
  14. KS 5150

    NGD! 2019 R9 60th Anniversary

    That's beautiful Vic! Congrats :thumb:
  15. KS 5150


    Absolutely love that top...HNGD!
  16. KS 5150


    That's a beauty! GLWS
  17. KS 5150

    Mille the 59 Gettin a Suntan in the Swamps

    Don't let a gator get her!
  18. KS 5150

    Ever had “sunk cost fallacy” on a Les Paul?

    I've had one LP that was a dog to play, but thankfully it had a nice flametop, so was pretty easy to sell once I realized it's shortcomings.
  19. KS 5150

    NGD Silverburst

    Love it....HNGD!

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