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  1. markerdown

    What kind of old guy will you be?

    I was at the local wally world today and overheard an employee telling another customer " it's over there, "right next to where that old guy is standing" I then realized the snoid was talking about me., and my response was the usual, FOD! Hey, old guys rule!!!!! :)
  2. markerdown

    US Army selects Sig Sauer P320 pistol

    I carried the old M15 S&W 38 revolver as my duty weapon while in the service, then switched to the colt 1911. Mid 80s we got the beretta M9. I liked the beretta but not a fan of the 9mm. Mine had spring issues all the time. The 1911 I carried was made by remington, was as old as dirt, slide was...
  3. markerdown

    Do you remember the firs time you held an electric guitar in your hands?

    Sears, 1966, it was a silvertone 1478, I plugged it into a small amp, cranked up all the knobs, blasted out an A chord before the salesmen cut the power.. I later got the Harmony version. To me, it was the holy grail of rock. I recently picked up the re-pop version of this axe. Still fun to...
  4. markerdown

    New KOA top LP Custom coming...!

    Got one on order with SW too :applause:
  5. markerdown

    most bad @$$ song ever?

    Lots of killer kickass tunes posted here guys. :thumb: When I climb in my bcuda, fire it up and hit the road, Here is mine: :D
  6. markerdown

    back problems.

    Time to get a lighter guitar and see a doc. :dude:
  7. markerdown

    Wow..Gary Richrath passed away.

    RIP Gary. He had his demons, but IMO, he was a fantastic guitar player that didn't get the recognition he deserved!
  8. markerdown

    Skynyrd tonight!!!

    Always a great show! Sadly, these days its more like Gary Rossington and friends play Lynyrd Skynyrd. :dude:
  9. markerdown

    PMP certification exam

    I'm looking at boot camp schedules right now. Got all my courses done, and years of practical experience. I'm hoping the cheap screws I work for will fork over part of the cost.
  10. markerdown

    Fender is pretty cool

    I've got strats and teles as well as my LPs. I am very impressed with the CV line of squiers and have been GAS'n for the new Olarn squier strat...sadly only available in thailand. I've been trying to talk mrs marker into bringing one back next time she goes home for a visit. :dude:
  11. markerdown

    Antique Natural vs Trans Amber

    Its actually a bit darker in person. Yeah the epi pups are really nice so the pearly gates are going into a monoprice gold top I recently bought as a "builder" (the pups cost more than the axe did :D)
  12. markerdown

    The day disco died

    I credit ACDC for driving the stake into the heart of disco and bringing back rock.. then MTV brought music video to the masses (yeah when they actually played music videos). And we all know what that has turned into.
  13. markerdown

    NGD! MY Dream Guitar - PRS

    :wow: freakin' awesome!!!!! HNGD!!!!! :dude:
  14. markerdown

    What movie car would you have?

    Yeahhhhh buddy!!! :D:dude:
  15. markerdown

    Whole lotta Massa

    HNGD!!!! x 2 :thumb:
  16. markerdown

    PRS SE's

    I just picked up a Bernie Marsden SE, man this thing rocks. Very well built :thumb:
  17. markerdown

    A colonoscopy isn't that bad

    I didn't have to do the gallon-o-draino this time around. I had 2 small bottles the size of cough meds. An "A" and a "B"..... easier to take but the same results
  18. markerdown

    My First Ever Guitar Was A Fake Gibson 30 Years Ago

    Ahh the PI in the 80s was quite fun. When I first got there, I wondered where all the ford mustangs came from. :D
  19. markerdown

    Selling gear that you like but never use.

    I sold two strats that I hadn't played in a while , a MIJ 54LS (basically a japanese clapton) and an american texas special. Regret selling them both to this day .
  20. markerdown

    German Pizza

    dammitt Rich, now I'm hungry for one !! :D

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