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  1. zoso623

    Brandonwound 59 Clone A-2 Magnet Aged Nickle Cover..

    Brandonwound 59 Clone A-2 Magnet Aged Nickle Cover..This is a great pickup I sold the Les Paul Guitar it was in( put it back to original to sell) .The meter shows 8.2 but it will fluctuate with different meters and Temp don't hold me to it....Beautifully aged..75 dollars and I will pay for...
  2. zoso623

    FS Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 ohm

    This has been used for only 5 minutes (i would consider it new) from sweetwater .Long story short got a new amp different impedance .PP gift 200 dollars free shipping...After the weekend its going on eBay .Thanks
  3. zoso623

    PLease Best way to Pack a Guitar for shipping and what shipping method

    I have a 1980 gold top standard I will be selling .But i never shipped a guitar before . I need some advice on packing the guitar so it will not get damaged .i see people use news paper in the case also bubble wrap , some people loosen the strings others don't ...I appreciate the help..need to...
  4. zoso623

    WTB: Gibson Flying v wire harness

    looking for a V wire harness with control knobs VVT
  5. zoso623

    sold ::FS:Please Read 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior wiring

    I want this to go to Somebody who needs it NOT to resell it .Please im letting it go cheap for 50 dollars and 7 dollars for shipping....I like to help someone with their project or Guitar problems ... This is the original wiring from a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior. One leg on the cap is broken...
  6. zoso623

    FS: Gibson Angus Young Signature Pickup

    Angus young signature humbucker 4 wire split coil excellent condition installed but only played a few times but you will love it .This has a monster Angus sound and also rolls off very nice...sold as-is it works great ..115.00 shipped paypal gift..
  7. zoso623

    WTB: Wizz Pickups

    Looking for some Wizz pickups prefer the bridge only if you have one.If not we will talk about the set....
  8. zoso623

    WTB: Wizz Pickup for the Bridge Position

    Looking for Wizz Pickup for the Bridge Position preferred covered .If you have a set only lets talk ...Thanks
  9. zoso623

    WTB: Focusrite scarlett 6i6 2nd gen

    Looking to buy a focusrite scarlett 6i6 2nd gen .contact me please .Thanks
  10. zoso623

    FS: Affordable Pickup

    I have a High Order Pickup (bridge position) ..This came from Jeff at high order pickups..Great sounding I wanted one for my LP standard then i sold it and put the originals back in them..This is a great affordable pickup it was spec for a Zeppelin sound, ...He does have a website and the...
  11. zoso623

    WTB: Original 50s Gibson nut Blank

    Looking for an original 50s nut blank for a Les Paul ...I know this is a hard to find because we want the blank not a cut piece of material .......but dad Needs one .....Thanks again feel free to message if you don't want the traffic if you have one...
  12. zoso623

    Charvel Neck Radius

    Does anyone know what the neck Radius on a 80s Charvel 1A Guitar ....Thank you
  13. zoso623

    WTB: Early Squier Stratocaster

    Looking for a JV Strat or an E series ..Must be in Mint condition (that includes the Frets) ..Prefer black ..but will consider others....Thanks
  14. zoso623

    FS: "The Beast Bucker" LTD Edition #28 of 100

    This is a BRAND NEW Bernie Marsden Beast Bucker Pickup Limited Edition Pickup they only made 100 with the signature and the PAF sticker...First of all Im only selling because of financial problems or i would never sell them....Please read about them thru the link they are amazing the best Repros...
  15. zoso623

    wtb Greco Pickguard

    wtb Greco Pickguard Black either 4 or 5 ply ....I do have Gibson and epi and they don't fit.....I do have measurements if needed..Thank you
  16. zoso623

    Fret level (confused)

    I have a question please in know way do i think this is a stupid question but im trying to get a better understanding of my guitars....I have a few guitars that play great but when you use a fret rocker to check for high frets i have several up and down the fret board that are high..There's no...
  17. zoso623

    Should i leave it to the pros?

    I usually pay about 160 for a fret dress(level, crown, polish)...I am a machinist by trade and i know tools but this scares the hell out of me .But Im tired of paying for this service being i have a few more guitars that need attention...BUT i know this takes years of training ... the question...
  18. zoso623

    Shipping Method

    What shipping method (usps, fedex , ups) can be recommended to ship a guitar. I see a lot of instruments being sold here and i have a few to offer.Do the companies honor if you insure a guitar and it is broken on delivery.(I hope this is the correct place to ask this question).Thank you ...
  19. zoso623

    wtb Dry 82s

    Im looking for some dry 82s please let me know if you have any.......
  20. zoso623

    I want to keep my NIBS

    I live in Arizona like to get my 1980 LP Goldtop re-fretted.Does anyone know of a luthier who will do a re-fret and keep the nibs.I will also consider sending it out .Please i heard all arguments against and for it .This is my decision to keep the nibs .Thank you

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