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  1. Utmost

    Speaker swap in “Darkstar” 40 watt

    JBL e-120. Pretty cheesy name change but fun nun the less. Heavy mofo now! I enjoyed the process and the sound is great!
  2. Utmost

    NGD 2020 Classic HB

    Set the kid up for a few years with his own Lester! He shreds slash stuff at the moment and this really fits the bill! Smells wonderful.
  3. Utmost

    Current Goldtop Options

    Is the OG standard 50s HB/P90 the only GT options at this time from the USA lineup?
  4. Utmost

    First repair advice Marshall G30R CD

    Looks like the input jack restraining nut came off giving way to the ensuing man handling of non reinforced insertions which severed the connection to the PCB of said jack. There may be other issues but this is the obvious first one that I see. I’ll try to attach some pictures but my initial...
  5. Utmost

    If you’re thinking about wireless…

    If you’re thinking about wireless… Not affiliated at all, but I have a set of these and it really is enjoyable. Saw the email so I thought I would just forward it. I’m sure most of you have seen this already. *removed SDotD link* Was for xvive u2 wireless deal
  6. Utmost

    Paul’s to the Wall

    Dressing up areas whilst sheltered in place. Just nailed some trim up and string swings. Few more to go I guess.
  7. Utmost

    Fretboard cleaning

    My sons Epi was getting pretty icky so I wanted to clean the board. Went to the store but decided I didn’t want to mess with steel wool so was just gonna scrape a bit with water and soap and then I found this: Worked great! I cleaned the board and restrung. Forgot before pics but here’s after...
  8. Utmost

    Pickup options in ‘79 custom

    Looking for some guidance in identifying pups in a 1979 triple pickup wine red custom. Are Shaws and t tops the only options? Any tips for identifying them? Thanks in advance
  9. Utmost

    Tom Yeti

    No affiliation, but man I love getting these emails each day...
  10. Utmost

    ‘15 SG standard nut cavity

    Nut cavity peek on a ‘15 SG standard. The brass one was replaced with bone nut before I got it. It popped out last string change so I thought I would show y’all the inside. Can see the “binding rails” I’ll call them, the 2 holes for the old adjustable nut, and board thickness.
  11. Utmost

    Emerald City Guitars

    I’m heading there in a couple days for family vacation. Here’s a kind of poll type thing... Will they let me play / see a burst? Will I run into McCready? What other things does Seattle offer that can’t be missed?
  12. Utmost

    Chrome or Gold HW? How about both!

    ‘17 Trad Pro IV. With some before and afters. Gold Stop bar studs coming tomorrow will update. Wouldn’t mind the locking backs on the tuners in gold either. Brass saddles mhmm. Lots to do.
  13. Utmost

    Push/push cavity pic for you

    Trad pro iv
  14. Utmost

    Amp died mid riff

    Amp settings: Was just playing a bit and boom lost power to amp. Wall still has power. No noise or pop or anything just dead. Volume wasn’t very loud in guitar either about 3.5 as I was using my envelope filter and that’s where it responds for me. What do I trouble shoot? This is my first...
  15. Utmost

    I built a board!

    Proud of this! And what luck to have Lucky Charms marshmallow stencils lying around:)
  16. Utmost

    I found Henry

  17. Utmost

    Do ‘15s really suck forever?

  18. Utmost

    Flame around the house? Post it

    Nice piece of trim here I noticed in the biffy. Thank you MLP for teaching me to look at the world in a different way.
  19. Utmost

    2014 Standard thoughts anyone?

    Thinking about picking up one and wanted to hear opinions on min-etune and that black nut. Also from looking around it seems there is some internet shade tossed about these models but that’s the internet.
  20. Utmost

    New scam alert!!?

    So there was a local CL ad this morning for a Les Paul for $170. No pics, whole thing was shady, so not a surprise. Anyhow I sent off an email for pics and here is the response that came in short order. Ad is already down as well about 1 hour later... Hi Matt, I'm sorry to say i sold this to...

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