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  1. therealfrogman

    WTB Squier Cabronita Telecaster

    Really want a black one. Any color is fine, willing to trade old leather jacket or keychain from the 80's. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks, Roberto :rock:
  2. therealfrogman

    Opinion on Hosco fret / leveling file

    I am not a builder but I have been doing my own fret work and wiring stuff for several years. I own some fret crowning files and have been able to do decent work on the dozen guitars I have, I am usually pretty quick to just buy want I think works but this one has my heart beating pretty...
  3. therealfrogman

    P90 set from 2020 Epi SG Special.

    Neck 7.78 Bridge 7.76 ****No Covers*** $45.00 To your door PP.
  4. therealfrogman

    Gotoh Pickup / Cream

    Cream Gotoh pickup from a 79 Tokai LS100, pretty sure these were stock. Nice aging, Reads 8.38. $40 shipped PP.
  5. therealfrogman

    Incoming SG Special

    At my age I am venturing into some less expensive guitars, bought a couple Firefly guitars that I am beyond happy with and yesterday purchased one of the new 2020 Epiphone SG guitars. These are pictures of the actual guitar. Right at 7lbs (Perfect weight for me) I like the new / old...
  6. therealfrogman

    Bigsby B7 with Vibromate $150 shipped.

    Here is a Bigsby B7 that I have had for a couple months it is the polished alluminum version (8 inch archtop). Sets up in a few minutes, this one is for archtops that have a measurement of 8 inches between tailpiece mounting bolts and the rear bout of the Es335 etc . style guitar. Paypal $150...
  7. therealfrogman

    NGD - FF

    Ordered this on Thursday and it arrived this morning (Sunday), using the free shipping from amazon. Thought I would post a few pics before I do the setup but I must say the tuners are crap but the craftsmanship of this thing is amazing considering the price tag. I am horrible at taking pics...
  8. therealfrogman

    SOLD - MIJ Stratocaster "58" style with Epic 58 pickups

    MIJ Stratocaster "58" style with Epic 58 pickups Fender GB $750 shipped CONUS PP. Few pics here No trades - I will add pics on request, guitar is in excellent and clean condition. The neck is not V but it is...
  9. therealfrogman

    FS-Cannabis Rex Patriot 12" 8ohm 50 Watts

    $55 Shipped PPG CONUS
  10. therealfrogman

    SOLD- FS-Kluson Revolution Locking Tuners 3x3 Pearloid, 19:1

    These are the press in type, bushings are 8.8mm (0.34 inch). $50 shipped conus, PPG.
  11. therealfrogman

    SOLD-FS Dimarzio 59 PAF's Cream

    These pups will be removed from this guitar when they sell. I bought them new in July 2018 (I think I still have the boxes but not sure) $135 shipped PPG to conus. Screws and springs included of course.
  12. therealfrogman

    Les Paul - Rick Neilson

    I have seen in several live video shows that Rick has a Les Paul with a hockey stick head stock Here is a video at 32:00 or so he starts playing it. I have not been able to find the info on this LP and my googling has been in vain. What is the scoop on this? Is it a one off by Gibson or ?
  13. therealfrogman

    Tokai LS150 Cavity

    I bought an LS150 a while back and honestly have not played it much other than a few times. I opened up the Cavity to have a look at the wiring and caps yesterday and honestly had to laugh at how messy and ass backwards everything is, one of the tone post was left without the ground leg and it...
  14. therealfrogman

    Please consider not deleting your post after sale...

    Just a thought, it helps to know what is selling and it can be used as a comparative tool for buyers. It also keeps things straight as far as what was offered or included in the sale. I recently made a deal on a guitar that listed "original pickups come with guitar" and the seller immediately...
  15. therealfrogman

    NGD -1985 Grandy Love Rock model ??#@$!

    WTF? Well, I expected it needed some sorting out and I will post a few pics of it but for the time being I thought I would share this photo... This was what connected the output jack and one of the tone pots to somewhere.....or some thing. Both pups where mickey mouse repaired and had...
  16. therealfrogman

    ****Sold*****FS 2009 SG Heritage Cherry

    I have a pretty mint SG here that I need to let go. I replaced the nut with a aged tusq to more accurately match the binding and I just installed an Emerson Bumble Bee kit. The kit brought it to life however, the neck is 1.70 at nut and feels wide to me, 1st fret is 0.84 12th is 0.87, the...
  17. therealfrogman

    NGD LS100

    Bought a 1979 LS100 today from a seller in Arizona. Supposed to have original case with it. Naturally it has a few dings on it but I think I can accept that. Been wanting a Reborn since I was Born:) Here are a couple pics from the listing S-l1600 (2) by therealfrogman posted Sep 13, 2018 at...
  18. therealfrogman

    NGD 2005 LS-150

    I have no self control whatsoever... The neck on this one is the perfect chunkiness for me, much less pain in my left hand (arthritis). Pups are stock MIJ PAF's and sound pretty good to me, bridge is around 11K and neck is 7.4. I put new strings on it and the intonation is spot on without any...
  19. therealfrogman

    Pickup switch Rhythm Treble ring stuck...

    It is on a Lacquer body and my guess is that it is just sticky goo (Pop or beer sugar holding it in place) I have tried to just get it wet with dawn liquid and water, also alcohol, also lighter fluid).. Does not want to budge and with a tiny bit of prying while getting it wet it just does not...
  20. therealfrogman

    Question about Reborn ls50 circuit board

    I have one of these on its way to me and it is a 1979 and it has the circuit board assembly in the pot cavity. I am not familiar with these but the application seems obvious enough to me, just curious why? Is there some reason Tokai did this? I cannot think of any practical purpose for them...

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