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  1. your idol

    2002 Gibson Explorer

    2002 Gibson Explorer Good shape. Feather weight 6.9 lbs! There are a couple extra holes for relocated strap pegs but other than those its pretty stellar and well taken care of. Light signs of playwear but noting remarkable. 1000 net to me- pickup around Nashville or pay for shipping CONUS...
  2. your idol

    Will Grover 102s direct fit

    I have an 81 Standard, oddly enough its my first standard lf the era. Im not a giant fan of the tuners. Does anyone know if ant grovers would be direct drop in/bottom screw lines up? I eyeballed it with some milkbottles but they look like theyd come up short but i know on some models the screw...
  3. your idol

    NGD- 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Seems pretty sweet so far. If anyone has an early 80s Standard Truss Rod cover or an 80s Cream pickguard give me a shout
  4. your idol

    Mystery Pickup- can you identify

    So my buddy picked up a Hague today. Neck has a Dimarzio anniversary. The bridge however was one ive never seen. Super plain Baseplate. Potentially B3 in faded marker, the covers have been on and off about a bajillion times apparently. Guessing theyre double cream will pop the covers in a bit...
  5. your idol

    Former (?) Norlin Black Beauty: not for the faint of heart

    Um...ill just leave this here. Maybe some Norlin Parts. Gonna guess there is some new material there too.
  6. your idol

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - excellent condition I had Dave Johnson (Scale Mode Guitars- Nashville, TN) refret it for the sake of playabilty but thats the only mod with original width frets just taller to make for solid, buttery, effortless fretting. He NAILED it. The original frets were...
  7. your idol

    Delayed NGD- 1980 Les Paul Custom

    Welp... I posted a pic or two in some of the other threads but as soon as I got it I took it in for a refret. This thing is almost museum grade clean but the frets were awful. Im aware of the frets of the era, Ive owned several Gibsons and specifically Les Pauls in this range and Im telling you...
  8. your idol

    NGD: Fender Blacktop Tele- Modified.

    Well I started with a plan for another build. My 69 Thinline build got WAYYYY outta control with the budget and ended up being about $1400 end to end and I didnt wanna do that again. I wanted a black HH Tele because as always, I had a vision in my head of exactly how I wanted it, started pricing...
  9. your idol

    WTB: Gold Gibson Posi-Lok strap button(s)

    Asking prices got bananas on these for no good reason so I figured Id ask here. Anyone have 1 or a set of posi lock strap buttone in gold. Even if you dont have the screw i could use just one button itself. I have an 80 Custom thats pretty much dead mint except for this doozy and its driving me...
  10. your idol

    T Top Transitional Shaw mix?

    I have a 1980 LPC made October of 80. The bridge pickup is a May 16 1980 which Im assuming is just a straight up TTop The neck however is an August 6 1980. I have read there are Shaws as early as July. Is this possibly a T Top/Transitional Shaw set? Or just both T Tops?
  11. your idol

    NGD: 1970 Gibson ES 345TD Stereo

    Not gonna say much on this. It speaks for itself. All original except the bridge (which I have the original of) and its ultra clean, perfect amount of checking. Plays effortlessly, sounds woody and smooth.
  12. your idol

    Another NGD- 81 Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe.

    Couple weeks ago I picked up a 76 SG standard in White. My homeboy at the same time picked up an 81 Sonex 180D in white and didnt bond with it. He neededs some stuff i just happened to have and wasnt putting to use. So we did a lil horsetrading and now I have it. Lucky me. These things are...
  13. your idol

    Belated NGD: 1976 Gibson SG Standard.

    Well I did a swap a month ago for this beauty. Im a little slow on introducing yall but here it is! I would like to get a proper harmonica bridge for it but the rest is all original. Swapped out the speed knobs for reflectors. Personal preference. Its at the shop getting set up. It plays...
  14. your idol

    Guitar notes go flat by touching the neck

    Anyone ever have a guitar whos notes go audibly flat as soon as any pressure (light, barely touch just supporting the neck) is applied to the neck? New guitar playing with really low tension 11s. What could be wrong?
  15. your idol

    Testing for a blown speaker

    I have a Splawn 412 i just picked up. Got my volume to about 3 on my DSL 50 and noticed a buzzy/flappy sound. Sounds like I have a speaker starting to go or already gone. The thing is at that volume i cant HEAR which one it is. All the speakers are soldered in. Is there a way for me to test...
  16. your idol

    WTB: Splawn Big Block Speaker 16ohm

    Its probably a long shot but anyone have a Splawn/Eminence Big Block 60W 16ohm 12" speaker? Id like one in good shape please.
  17. your idol

    Mystery Strap! Identify!

    So there's not really a great place to place this and I need the help of the masses of miscreants in the Backstage. Im tall, im fat. Finding a guitar strap is actual hell. A year or so ago in a buddys shop in Nashville I see a dry corroded looking leather strap in their straps rack. I saw it...
  18. your idol

    SOLD!!! Gibson '61 R & T pickups

    Pretty much brand new 2020 61 R/T pickup set. Leads will be left full when i pull them. $200 shipped. Would trade even up for some: -Brandonwound Aged Nickel Pat Sticker Clones Or Aged nickel t tops - aged nickel Bare Knuckle Black Dogs
  19. your idol

    Nashville Guitar Show March 28-29 2020

    Who's going? Amigo Nashville Guitar Show 4215 Long Ln Franklin, Tennessee 37064
  20. your idol

    Quick help: Ohm rating on cab

    Hey Yall. I never get into speaker cabs. I just took one in on trade. Custom cab so Its not marked. Got 2 8ohm Jensens in it. I cant see the +/- on these speaker tabs. Is this wired series or paralell. Just trying to see if its a 16ohm cab or a 4ohm. If you know which is which on these speakers...

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