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  1. Epiphone SG Standard

    Epiphone SG Standard

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    Rewired and installed the Emerson BB version.
  4. therealfrogman

    Uhhh what happened to the stickies?

    Is this the smallest font?
  5. therealfrogman

    Uhhh what happened to the stickies?

    Pretty sure everything will be fine.
  6. therealfrogman

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    Ditto, I think it would be worth starting the bid opening! Well worth that!
  7. therealfrogman

    Tokai or ObG

    I have owned two OBG's and the primo one (A gold top with the nibs and all the right serial number crap, model, etc.) I brought from a legit seller here and it had 1/4 inch size pots, chicklet caps and/but the correct pups. The case candy included a really cool OBG keychain. The guitar looked...
  8. therealfrogman

    My New Arias

    The rosewood and the frog are both quite stunning.
  9. therealfrogman

    Need Advise : Orville by Gibson ES-335

    I have owned 2 OBG (Not a 335) and both had irregularities about them that didnt come close to what the "G" was meant to specify. What are the pickups in it? It is a great looking 335.
  10. therealfrogman

    Refinishing 1959 Les Paul Junior

    I would either leave it alone (It looks good) or use some reranch nitro clear maybe 3-4 coats and keep playing it. That is an ass kicking look right there and I would keep it that way. I would avoid rubbing oil into it. I am just a simpleton.
  11. therealfrogman

    NGD day YAY!!!

    Do your neck truss adjustment first, then string height, pups and last but very important....Nut. Looks great btw!
  12. therealfrogman

    Identify: Tokai Love Rock Les Paul

    Same here! Fantastic value.
  13. therealfrogman

    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

    Oh man is that girl sweet!
  14. therealfrogman

    WTB Squier Cabronita Telecaster

    Found one :) Cant even spell it correctly...
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    dfhuq7rzj3ah2ig5ub8t (1).jpg

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  20. Squier Cabonita

    Squier Cabonita

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