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  1. sliding tom

    Ernie Ball Wah pedal

    I received an Ernie Ball Wah pedal that needs its set of cords and spring to be replaced. I have the set including installation instructions but the instructions are quite puzzling and not clear enough - especially regarding threading the cords through the center pulley as there are several...
  2. sliding tom

    Chord inversions made easy :hmm:
  3. sliding tom

    How to get Slugtone...

  4. sliding tom

    Duran Duran hater club....

    Anybody wants to join? :D
  5. sliding tom

    Bridport 2014 headcount

    Since Phil doesn't seem to come around to doing it (well, he's old enough to have forgotten about it all...:D), I post this here. So: headcount: who is coming and staying for the weekend? I will try to keep track of everybody. From the UK forum we already have: Louie TM bluenote...
  6. sliding tom

    Cover of "Guitarist" magazine May 2012

  7. sliding tom

    Theme and plans for Bridport have been changed...

    Just talked to Phil. This year's meet at Bridport will not - repeat not- be another Les Paul meeting, sorry... Due to a request by the local square dance association it has been changed to "The 2012 West Bay Hillbilly Jamboree And Barndance". There's going to be a lot of banjos, steel...
  8. sliding tom

    Proof that John Vasco is a great guitarist...

    As we all know John is a dyed-in-the wool southpaw Les Paul enthusiast, don't we? :D But: as soon as you hand him a right-handed banjocaster, he not only is able to play it masterfully but it also makes him look younger! : :applause:
  9. sliding tom

    '63 SG Special - market value?

    Hi! I'm trying to determine a realistic asking price for a '63 SG Special. I have already checked the internet including and the prices seem to be all over the place. Gibson SG Special 1963 (dated by pot codes) Definitely not a collector guitar but a great player. Big wide chunky...
  10. sliding tom

    My Christmas card to you all

    Actually a Charle Brown tune from the late 40s, sung here by the Genius. Watch out for that concluding lyric line! :D YouTube - Ray Charles 'Merry Christmas Baby' 1979 Merry Christmas everybody! :)
  11. sliding tom

    About us Germans Pt. II : learn about Germans and have good laugh...

    All you need to know abot Germans is here: Nothing For Ungood Don't believe a thing, it's prejudiced, opinionated and not true at all...:D
  12. sliding tom

    About us Germans Pt. I ...

    You should hate us for these: YouTube - OSWALD SATTLER. and: YouTube - Verschiedene Interpreten - Medley Volkslieder 1983 and: YouTube - Heino - Karamba, karacho, ein Whisky 1970 not to forget: YouTube - Rainbows - Balla Balla 1966 :rolleyes: :shock: :hmm...
  13. sliding tom

    Silent night - original sheet music...

    Researchers have found the original sheet music for "Silent Night" : :D (Could somebody please transcribe it to tab?) :rolleyes:
  14. sliding tom

    Listen to some real serious music...

  15. sliding tom

    To those who might have missed me around here...

    Hi, just to say hello and to tell you that I am still around although I don't spend much time here or any other places on the net these days. The year hasn't been too nice to me so far - too many people passing (and almost passing) away - quite a few who were very close to me and some others...
  16. sliding tom

    I'm back...

    Hi! :) My PC fried about four weeks ago and it took that long to find out what's wrong, order the parts and fix it. So now I'm back. Hope you all didn't miss me too much. :D
  17. sliding tom

    Can you spot a well-known MLP member in this pic?

    Who is it? :)
  18. sliding tom

    Anybody remember "The Spotnicks"? - funny video

  19. sliding tom

    Have you heard this tune?

    I'm sure but in disguise... YouTube - Bull Doze Blues :rolleyes:
  20. sliding tom

    BEAT CLUB - A German TV show in the 60s and 70s

    In the 60s and on into the early 70s a german TV station located in Bremen produced a show called " Beat Club" - the first show on german TV that featured "beat music" (as it was called in the 60s) and Rock. If I remember right this was aired once a month and I had to fight my parents to be...

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