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  1. warprider

    replaced volume/tone pots on my Tokai what's going on?

    That is how audio taper works. They're behaving as they should, which is exactly why I dont use them. I prefer linear taper. To each his own.
  2. warprider

    '52 RI Trapeze Bridge to Wraptail

    On the trapeze I'm thinking of there are no holes to drop a wraptail into. The trapeze feet rest on top of the body. You might be talking about something entirely different?
  3. warprider

    Firebird questions — thinking about getting one

    Been meaning to do this for years. Almost built a partscaster similar to the '52 Hot Rod. Lo' & behold I just bought an Epi Treasure FB pickup off the Verb. Lord knows I own about 12 teles. One is gonna be the recipient.
  4. warprider

    Firebird questions — thinking about getting one

    As suggested, you should really play one before you buy, or at least have the return option in place. FB's are the Cadillac of guitars. The necks vary too. Something to consider. It seems to me the current versions all have those thinner slim taper necks. Not a fan. I own a Epi FB I Treasure &...
  5. warprider

    Compensated wraptail bridge

    I agree with arandells take. The difference wont even trigger a response from me. Ruining a mojotone bridge causes me more anguish than feeling the need to change the radii. But you sound intent on it. I'd just notch it on the ends to the depth you need.
  6. warprider


    Resting on a stand? A good luthier will fix that.
  7. warprider

    MODifying a SG Classic into a Townshend SG Special. Bridge question.

    Just because Pete's bridge is parallel to the pickup means nothing. It appears his had the short Vibrola. The wraparound would be stock then, but I know squat about Pete & his guits. This has a lot of potential to go bad so I'll just show myself out.
  8. warprider

    neck rest

    A bag filled with anything isnt going to provide stable support. Anything that shifts isnt going to work. I just solidly prop it in a few places underneath in 2-3 areas similar to a poor mans Stew Mac jig if it's a set neck. A bolt on is easy because of the size. ...and no need to apply much...
  9. warprider

    Epiphone Slash Firebird heel crack - Disaster?

    I think you answered your own question. Temperature change & wood fluctuation causes those. I have a 335 copy crack that looks just like that. It hasnt changed in 6 yrs. It was brand new w no crack. Couple months in CA & there it was. I'd assumed those were neck thru. Another reason Im glad i...
  10. warprider

    First refret

    Short of the binding? Did you cut them pre-install? That leaves too much to chance. Here's the bound neck I was referring to. This is pre-tapped, but you get the idea. They're all sitting proud of the binding with the tangs cut the width of the fretboard. I haven't been posting images because...
  11. warprider

    First refret

    Have you nipped the ends, beveled, & rounded them? Or are they still hanging over the binding? It seems to be the way with this forum & file sizing. It's the only forum where one needs to jump through an excessive amount of hoops just to attach an image. Yours is the 2nd thread in a couple days...
  12. warprider

    First refret

    Do you have pics? Is it something that can be helped with some fret end file work? One of the first fret jobs I did was a bound neck. Cutting the tangs is pretty time consuming, but you have no choice. I need to tidy that up because of the dry weather now. It's a good time to do it.
  13. warprider

    9 0911 What happened to this poor girl? Anybody know?

    I see nothing wrong with it to warrant asking "what happened to her". Some people play a guitar.
  14. warprider

    Telepaul Build Started

    Fanos arent bolt on, are they? Rondo music has a Fano copy that's set neck for a fraction of the price.
  15. warprider

    Telepaul Build Started

    FANO! Love it. What brand of staple P90 is that. Been wanting to get one.
  16. warprider

    Oil/wax finish

    Thanks for that vid!
  17. warprider

    Vintage Pickguard Disintegrating

    Regarding the file sizes... This is the only forum I post to that has such restrictions. It really keeps me from posting images. Re-sizing or dropping them into my image hosting site is such a pain it's not worth it. I understand. I've "seen" some 5/6? ply with celluloid online when looking...
  18. warprider

    Vintage Pickguard Disintegrating

    Is that real celluloid on a multi ply pg? If so, that's the nature of celluloid. It continues to break down over time. Look at vintage PG's on archtops. Not all do it. Find a good source for 3 or 4 ply with a pleasing faux looking celluloid (or real, but it'll cost you) and trace a template...
  19. warprider

    Guitars and Divorce

    I agree, but before you just pay out itemize all her possessions as well. Show the value of HER 10k possesions & it might be a push. You keep yours, she keeps hers. Lawyers are like that, that's why they want your financial health on paper. They want to know what they can extract.

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