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    Epiphone Slash

    What are these worth? Only 150 of them make. Is this one even real? Looks very cheap
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    2007 modified Les Paul

    Hi, Am very close to buying my first Gibson. Currently have Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top. This one is a modified 2007 Standard. Has a Piezo Powerbridge and powerchip with on/off switch, three way mix switch and separate volume for Piezo. It's active pickups because of the powerbridge...
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    Hi, just joined the forum. Have an Epi Les Paul and looking at a Gibson? How do you PM? A sticky says to PM a member to ask advise on a fake, however I can't seem to see how to? Steve
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    Les Paul Build Process

    Good afternoon, I'm a newbie not only to the forum but also playing guitar, only 8 months but loving it. When making a Les Paul at what stage is the dating done to provide the serial number? The dates on Pickups shows there "wound" date but this can often be after the serial number date...

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