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  1. Rocketguy2

    Custom toggle ring sources?

    Interested in replacing the stock toggle switch ring on my Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top with a custom printed version. Any recommendations for good sources? Want to keep close to the stock cream color... Thanks!
  2. Rocketguy2

    Removing toggle switch "chip" on 2017 Epi LP Standard Gold Top

    I noticed when I re-wired my 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top that the plastic toggle "chip" was stuck onto the top. What's the best way to remove this? Also, what's the best way to clean up any mastic left underneath?
  3. Rocketguy2

    Using a wall hanger?

    Really dig the idea of convenience using a wall hanger but never tried one based upon concern over temperature changes, sunlight, etc. Any thoughts about using one and which are preferable over others?
  4. Rocketguy2

    Problem with Gotoh bridge not a tight fit on the posts?

    The intonation is a bit off on my 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top, so I bagged a Gotoh replacement bridge, which has a bit more saddle travel than the stock Epi bridge. When test fitting the Gotoh onto the included posts, I noticed a bit of slop on the bridge fit. I'm guessing the string tension...
  5. Rocketguy2

    Bridge upgrade for 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

    So, have been playing the new Epiphone Les Paul Standard (2017) for about three months now, getting used to the 12" radius and D shaped neck after 27 years with an American Standard Strat. No real issues with intonation or buzzing on the stock bridge, but am wondering if upgrading will improve...
  6. Rocketguy2

    Heeeeelp! How to tighten pots and keep pointers in position?

    I've just rewired my 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Gold Top with a 50's style wiring harness, Switchcraft toggle/output jack and Seymour Duncan 59, what a difference! All went swimmingly with one exception; I added knob pointers and having a helluva time tightening the pot nuts...
  7. Rocketguy2

    Stock Epiphone Les Paul Standard Harness and Pick-ups

    Relatively new member here, so not quite sure where to post this. I'm installing a 50's style wiring harness and Seymour Duncan '59 pickups in my 2017 Epi Gold Top. I'd like to sell the stock harness and pick-ups but have absolutely no idea what they're worth. Suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Rocketguy2

    When were knob pointers used on Les Pauls?

    I've seen photos of '60 Les Pauls with knob pointers and '59s without. What year(s) did Les Pauls feature knob pointers?
  9. Rocketguy2

    Giving the 2017 a more vintage look...

    Going for a more vintage vibe on the 2017 by adding plain truss rod cover and removing pick guard....and yes I left the plastic on the pick-up covers as I plan to replace and resell shortly...
  10. Rocketguy2

    How to remove inspection stickers from Epi Les Paul neck?

    What's the best way to remove those enchanting inspection stickers on the back of the neck/headstock without marring the finish?
  11. Rocketguy2

    Epi Les Paul Standard neck joint question

    So, after 27 years playing my '91 Fender American Standard Strat, I've finally taken the (economical) Les Paul plunge. My new 2018 Gold Top arrived at long last and despite needing a set-up, I love it! I'm so used to the Strat setup with the bolt on neck and body being straight aligned that I...
  12. Rocketguy2

    2018 Epiphone Les Paul Standard pick-up and rewire questions?

    Greetings from the fourth dimension! New member here with a few questions I'm certain have been covered ad naueseum; Which is a good aftermarket, 50's style wiring harness, toggle and input jack to upgrade a 2018 Epiphone Les Paul Standard? Also, I'm assuming I need short shaft pots? Will I nee...

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