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    SOLD! Gibson Les Paul G0 / R0 Reissue in Lemonburst

    SOLD! For sale- Gibson Les Paul G0 1960 reissue in beautiful lemonburst. I believe its a 2008 (the serial starts with G0 8). This is a heartbreaker, I've spent so much time looking for this guitar and now, due to financial reasons I'm forced to sell it. It plays and sounds just as beautiful...
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    Is it sacrilege to install jumbo frets on a RI?

    Just curious what people think... when the frets need replaced do you have yours fretted to your preference/ playing style, or do you keep the 'stock' fret profile? Does changing to a larger fret kill resale value?
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    Looking for Gibson Les Paul Custom body and neck

    Looking for a Gibson Les Paul Custom body with neck. Flaws ok, player quality ok, beater ok. My only requirements are any repairs must be solid, professional repairs, and that it has an ebony fingerboard. Ideally I'd like an 80's- early 90's.
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    Difference between the earlier VOS' and a 2008 VOS, what changed?

    Im looking at a 2008 G0 VOS, attempting to replace a long lost love from years back, and I noticed the COA is a small (leather?) book instead of the large glossy brown "Historic" COA. I noticed other differences in the case candy as well, mostly things missing. None of that will bother me but it...
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    WTB: Gibson Les Paul G0 VOS Lemonburst

    I'm looking for a Gibson Les Paul G0 VOS Lemonburst, let me know if you have one for sale.

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