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  1. Luke Duke

    3 Pickup ‘57 style wiring?

    All right, I’ve stared at the schematic and the layout for a 50s three pick up custom. I am no closer to figuring out what in the world I am supposed to be doing with this switch. Gibson‘s own paperwork shows six contacts on a regular three-way switch. So does that mean they are using the...
  2. Luke Duke

    Cash Has Exchanged Hands....the 68 335 Refurb is Underway

    So in case you guys didn't see here I was considering a 68 335 to re-furb and was curious about what little info Gibson had on it. It was painted with a rattle can, over binding and all, had a phase switch installed, changed 2 pots out, and had a stop bar installed too far back. All that said...
  3. Luke Duke

    Looking at Buying/Restoring 1968 ES335 Shipping ledger?

    The guitar is a bit of a basket case. The previous owner used Krylon over the factory finish...and it appears to have a blue hue. So I'm wondering if it was Pelham Blue originally. I was hoping that maybe somebody had the page with the 51614x and maybe I could see if it said the original...
  4. Luke Duke

    Rewind JPPRe72 Underwounds

    I've had these in my '97 R8 for a few months now and just realized I never put up any kind of review. As great as these pups are that's a criminal action! So when I talked to James he was super cool about everything. I emailed him once or twice with influences and about my gear and told him...
  5. Luke Duke

    Manlius 70s Super D

    Alright, I've got to give it to Mick....this is a great pup. I went out on a limb to try it because it essentially costs the same as a vintage one, but I couldn't find one in black very easily! I tossed it in my '86 LPC about 3 weeks ago and have had 1 practice with it so far, and have another...
  6. Luke Duke

    Weird Gibson Nashville ABR-1 Hybrid?

    So has anybody seen an 80s Gibson with an ABR/Nashville cross bridge? I just picked up an 86 Custom that has nashville posts and inserts, but it has a retaining wire and thin profile like an ABR-1? How long did Gibson do this and what was the justification? Thanks! Luke
  7. Luke Duke

    Put in my Re-Wind Order Today, Underwound JPPre72

    I talked to James last Wednesday, and today and finally got myself some Re-Winds on order. He is winding me up an underwound JPPre72 set with UOA5 mags. I'm so excited I can't see straight. I hope to have them in about a week to a week and a half. That will coincide with my next band...
  8. Luke Duke

    One more FNG

    Hey guys, I joined up today after lurking on and off for a few years. Matt Martin has been on me on and off to join and I finally took the plunge. Anyhow, as far as LPs go I've went through 3. a 96 Custom (that was a turd) a Heritage H150 (that I probably should have kept) and my current 1997...

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