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  1. Cairo

    When exactly did Norlin era end?

    I undrstand the much maligned Norlin era is one Gibson' darkest periods (expect maybe their latest financial woes..), but is everything produced then bad? My 1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard is truly fantastic,, maybe Norling was trying to redeem themselves? Seriously, I could not ask for a nicer...
  2. Cairo

    Let's see your early 80s Gibson Les Standards...

    Here's my 1983 Standard in natural finish with Tim Shaws. Love this guitar all stock except for a refret (yeah, I lost my nibs).
  3. Cairo

    Recent 1983 acquisition (it's not a fake) progress report.

    Thanks to the great advice from members here and on TDPRI I ended buying the 83 LP Standard. The pickups are indeed Tim Shaw so that was a pleasant discovery. It's going to my tech tonight for refret/dressing estimate. This week though I was able to install some new tuners (Gibson Deluxe vintage...
  4. Cairo

    Possible 83 Les Paul Standard purchase, but is it a fake??

    Looking to buy a Gibson Les Paul Standard, according to the serial number it's an 83. Needs refret, lots of belt rash and dings but still seems ok. 4 of the tuners were replaced. No my concern is the serial number placement seems low on the back of head stock and the Gibson logo has a yellowish...

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