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    I didn't know you made Les Paul money!

    Is this a rude thing to say to someone? I played an open mic last night and brought my Les Paul Traditional. After I finished playing, this guy I sort of know (through his wife, who plays) told me I did a nice job, then said that to me. It kind of caught me off guard and seemed like a really...
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    Vocal Mics

    Accidentally posted this to The Cellar instead of in here, like I meant to, so I'm reposting it here! I've been getting more and more into singing and would like to pic up a nice (kinda mid range price) vocal mic. Right now, my mic collection includes a SM57, SM58, and Cascade Fathead II...
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    Vocal Mics

    I've been getting more and more into singing and would like to pic up a nice (kinda mid range price) vocal mic. Right now, my mic collection includes a SM57, SM58, and Cascade Fathead II. I know it can be really hard to suggest mics for vocals, especially over the internet, but I thought I'd...
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    Clarett vs Saffire

    Hey all! Thought i'd post this up to get some thoughts and opinions. Is upgrading from the Focusrite Saffire 24 to the new Clarett worth it? I currently have the former but am intrigued by the latter. I just do home recording stuff on my own. The Clarett is supposed to be better, but...
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    Anyone heard of this band? I hadn't until I saw, on Facebook of all places, that two different friends of mine are "interested" in going to an upcoming show of theirs. They seem maybe a bit one-dimensional (and maybe even cliche in some ways) but have some good tunes...
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    Quirks of Famous Actors

    I thought this was funny and worth a share I've noticed most of these before, but I'd never really consciously noticed the one for Jennifer Aniston!
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    Rockers with the Best Style?

    Joey and sk8rat inspired thread. What rockers (or musicians from any genre) do you think have the best style? I'll go with this man right here: Love how he went bold on stage. Otherwise, I probably tend more towards the simple/grunge side of things. Cornell and Cobain and...
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    Go Bags

    Do you have a Go Bag (aka bug out bag, emergency bag/kit, etc)? If so, what do you keep in it? Money (any different types of currency silver/gold, etc), forms of identification, weapons, water, food items, assorted tools, clothes, first aid, etc? I don't have anything that's really designated...
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    Hearing two pitches for the same sound

    Anyone ever experienced this before? It turns out I have an ear infection and for a few days (last Sun-Tue for the most part) my ears were kind of out of tune. I'm on antibiotics now and they're getting better, but it was pretty strange. It made music (listening and trying to play guitar...
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    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals/Sales

    I thought it might be cool to have a thread where people can share good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals they have found or know about. So far I haven't really been looking into sales too much, but it looks like Levi's has 40% off through their website, which I might take advantage of...
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    Do you use them? I only do maybe a couple times a year, if I can feel something in there with my finger that I'd be able to easily get. Otherwise I go by the ol' "ears are self-cleaning" rationale.
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    Hard G or Soft G, and why?
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    Watch any good YouTubers?

    Do you guys watch or keep up with any interesting YouTubers? Not necessarily just music based, but in general. I used to only really go to YouTube for music videos, song lessons, and gear reviews (pedals, amps, other music stuff, and some photography gear reviews and lighting vids). Lately...
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    What Jeans Do You Wear?

    Lately, I've been wearing Levi 511s and they work pretty well for me. Slim enough without feeling like skinny jeans. Up until the start of this year I always wore 505s (or 514s), which feel huge now, like I'm wearing Jncos or something, after getting used to the slim fit. Levis can be a bit...
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    School me on 339s

    I've been browsing around a bit at 339s and thought I might as well get some input from the forum on any changes throughout the years, best years, things to look for, and stuff like that. I'm looking at pretty much the standard 339 in Vintage Sunburst, up to 2014. It looks like they started...
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    HAIM show - The Bass Face was Epic...

    ...but so was the rest of the show, and I don't say that lightly. Haim played and sounded unbelievably. That had to have been one of the best sounding shows I've ever been to. I was a bit nervous about the sound quality early on. The sound for the opener, Cameron Avery (which I'd never...
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    Happy Friday the 13th!

    Also happens to be my sister's birthday (and she was actually born on a Friday). Hope everyone has a good day and weekend! :)
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    Backyard Scientist: Bullets!

    Just saw these today and thought they'd be worth a share: :shock:
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    What are Classic Exclusive DCs worth?

    For whatever reason, my GAS sense started tingling over these recently. You don't really see too many of them around or hear many people talking about them. I was wondering what people here think they're worth? I came across an old thread from a few years ago saying that MF was blowing them...
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    New The Joy Formidable!

    It looks like the album is coming out this week (even though iTunes has it marked for March)

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