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  1. Les Paul Newb

    Guitars with Stock jumbo and/or stainless frets?

    Any recommendations? Looking for a really nice guitar that I want to be my smoothest playing axe yet. Must have jumbo frets (not necessarily wide, just TALL) Stainless is a plus. If you have any experience with the guitars below, tell me your thoughts. I called music man, and while they use...
  2. Les Paul Newb

    Ever had “sunk cost fallacy” on a Les Paul?

    Ever convince yourself you bought a great guitar, when you actually purchased an “ok” guitar, or worse? Or maybe you keep upgrading a guitar trying to make it great, only to later realize It just doesn’t work for you, and never did? I was thinking how easy this can be when you buy an...
  3. Les Paul Newb

    Is this everything I need for a refret?

    I’ve never done any guitar work. Played for 30 years now, but never done more than a setup. I will obviously start on a cheap guitar, so no worries if I ruin the neck...
  4. Les Paul Newb

    One of these Slash guitars is not like the rest...

    Basically a custom color. Too bad it’s so heavy. Has dark rosewood too.
  5. Les Paul Newb

    Was 2015 the only year that Gibson advertised...

    ... fretboard color, mahogany grain, and top carve as selling features? They should go back to this way imo. Makes it crystal clear why a standard is different than a classic and so forth. My guess is they abandoned this altogether to make things easisr and less expensive. Are you aware of any...
  6. Les Paul Newb

    First time working with a tech... need help.

    I have a 2007 studio i got used 10 years ago. Really like it. Tall frets (taller than my 2015 and 2020 standard). Never had it setup by a pro. I knew it needed some TLC so I decided to lookup a good tech in my area (I can give you his website if you want). I thought the process would be...
  7. Les Paul Newb

    Any info on these Norlins is helpful (74, 78)

    This guy is selling 3 Norlin customs. 2 x 1974, one is white, one is black. And a white 78. They are all upgraded to Randy Rhoads spec with original hardware in the case. What do you think? Pics arent great, I’d be going in person to inspect. You think his prices are high...
  8. Les Paul Newb

    Amp recommendations?

    I play mostly blues & rock. 90% of the time it’s single note blues and lead playing at lower volumes (loud enough to bother people in my house, but not outside. No gigging. All of my dirt comes from pedals. I need a pedal platform with great cleans. Right now I use a Vox AC4 1x12. And I was...
  9. Les Paul Newb

    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    I wanted to try one years ago and never got around to it. What was your experience with it? I figured I’d throw it on my 2015 because who wants to look at that scrawl anyhow. Not sure if it would make much difference with the zero fret/titanium nut.
  10. Les Paul Newb

    2015 Junior prices on reverb

    Are disappointing. I had purchased a NOS 2015 junior and a 2015 dc special, that I had to send back. I found some small checking in the finish by the nut, long story short, they were sold out of those models and they gave me a 2015 Trad for an absolute steal. That was a few years ago. Fast...
  11. Les Paul Newb

    I hope gibson goes back to taller frets

    My 2007 VM Studio has these tall frets that are absolutely beautiful to play on. My 2015 Trad “now with 33% lower frets!” Is a GREAT guitar. But I definitely prefer the taller ones. Easy to refret (no nibs on 2015) When I read that my 2020 Standard 60’s had “medium jumbo” frets I was thinking...
  12. Les Paul Newb

    NGD -2020 Standard 60’s Unburst!

    Beautiful guitar. Love the color. 60s neck is way chunkier than I was expecting. Nice back, 2 pieces but a nice match. DARK fretboard!!! A must for me. I haven’t changed strings or conditioned the FB yet, so it might get a tad darker. As far as tone, I’ve only played it at very low volume so...
  13. Les Paul Newb

    Remember the financial gurus who said Gibson would never file?

    On here (and elsewhere). “Well yeah Henry has an absolute shit ton of debt, but I know a lot about financial stuffs. I acquire companies for a living, and when the x-rate equals the globular interest that means inflation factors must be reconciled. I can count to potato.” It all added up. But...
  14. Les Paul Newb

    2015 Trad= the poor man's R7???

    i was at guitar center & saw this 2006 57' custom reissue in a natural finish. So as soon as I started playing it I noticed the FAT neck & the lower frets. Felt damn near exact to a 15' trad. Too close. Plugged in (to the same amp) and the pups sound very close. They both have no weight...
  15. Les Paul Newb

    Anyone own a Buckethead?

    This guitar has always fascinated me. If you own one, please give me some insight. What's it like? What do you play on it? Does it even feel like a Les Paul with that scale length & thicker body? And obviously, :photos:
  16. Les Paul Newb

    Can't choose!!! Need help picking next guitar!

    I have a few LPs & a strat, so I wanted something new, high quality but inexpensive. I decided a Classic Vibe tele was the ticket. At $399 new it is super affordable & a high quality instrument. But then..... I saw the 2018 PRS SE standard line. Now I'm seriously questioning which to...
  17. Les Paul Newb

    Squire classic vibe teles

    I guess this belongs in "Fender", lmk if not. I'm currently looking at the 50s, and the custom. The 50s is a pine body with maple fb & brass saddles for $399, The custom is double-bound alder with Rosewood fb & ss saddles for $50 more. They also have a thinline model. What's your experience...
  18. Les Paul Newb

    Tell me about your 2017 Classics

    Killer deals on these right now. Thinking of getting one. How do you like yours? Did you bond with the rolled binding? Any info for a prospective buyer?
  19. Les Paul Newb

    Bogner La Grange- who uses one?

    i was on TGP yesterday and read a thread titled "Best Marshall in a box?" There were a LOT of replies. But one pedal was touted far more than anything else, and that's the Bogner La Grange. It has a variac toggle and I guess it can dial in all the classic marshal amps, not just 1. I was...
  20. Les Paul Newb

    NPD Boss/JHS Angry Driver

    This is the new collaboration between Boss & JHS (Boss' first ever collab). It's 2 different pedals in one, the Boss Blues Driver & the JHS Angry Charlie. You can run either circuit by itself, or in series, with the BD-2 going into the Angry Charlie or visa-versa. You can also run them...

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