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  1. Lipinhu

    2016 Les Paul Std - is this 'normal'?

    What? The maple cap reveal underneath the binding? Every single LP has that (unless mahogany top or opaque colored... you get the idea).
  2. Lipinhu

    57's to Seth's…is this strange?

    Pickup hight?
  3. Lipinhu

    Circuit board electronic's? yea or nay?

    Here are some mods I made to my 1st LP. PCBs can be better than anything you throw in there. Cars, computers, spaceships are full of them. But, on guitars??? "No... kills tone" Well, as I said, they're the best thing...
  4. Lipinhu

    Buzzing/hum noise from 2013 Traditional, recording included

    I have no experience with shielding paint. I use copper tape and it does the trick, plus, it's reversible.
  5. Lipinhu

    Is it a true Bonamassa signature ?

    Maybe you got the fake one then! :wow:
  6. Lipinhu

    2004 classic or 2013 trad pro II

    Owing 3 Trads (Trad, Trad pro and Trad pro II), I would say trad pro all the way. They are Trads in every way imaginable, marketing makes them different, plus, they "go to places" where the Trads won't.
  7. Lipinhu

    Neck bow, truss rod, and tne brass nut.

    I am surprised how you didn't run out of thread yet... Half a turn a week??? What for??? Yes, if your applying that much turns you will come to a point were your truss rod will break. Not the neck. But hey, you will ruin it anyway...
  8. Lipinhu

    Gibson les paul traditional years

    I have 3 weight relieved ones, I tried lots of traditional over the years. They are pretty consistent, the only thing that changes them a bit is the pickup change in them from 2013/2014. Other than that, it's peanuts.
  9. Lipinhu

    Help 2014 Trad Pro II No volume

    You can actually remove the boost from that pot and solder it to any push/push or push/pull pot with the similar design, which covers pretty much all of them. Its a circuit meant to be like that. From the OP description, to me, it sounds like a grounding issue. Once the boost is engaged it...
  10. Lipinhu

    Watch out! would you be fooled? Gibson or Chibson goldtop

    Can we have a picture of the truss rod adjustment nut and electronic cavities? I am pretty sure that they will wash away any doubts. If there were still any...
  11. Lipinhu

    What to make of this one?

    I would buy it confidently. It's eBay!:laugh2:
  12. Lipinhu

    Gibson Les Paul Studio 2014 fretboard coming off!!!

    Everyone blaming gibson. If it was gibson fault shouldn't the 1st owner used the lifetime warranty? Why did he pass the problem to someone else? He probably mistreated it! Leaving the guitar in the car boot under a sunny day is more than enough for the guitar to come out like that. Yeah, but...
  13. Lipinhu

    2014 Gibson Tradituonal Pro II OR 2010 Gibson Trad Plus

    Don´t let the "pro" badge take your thoughts away from her. I have a trad plus, a trad pro and a trad pro II. The pro will do everything they the plus does, but the plus won't match the pro... sonically. But to be honest, if I had to sell one of them, the plus would be the 1st one to go. THEY...
  14. Lipinhu

    Here comes Santa Claus....

    My Christmas came earlier... It´s a 61 CAR Thin Skin Stratocaster... LOVE IT! Took me a while, at least 50 in 15 years, to find the right strat.
  15. Lipinhu

    What pickups do I have?

    Yah, If they hadn't been changed, thats what you got.
  16. Lipinhu

    Bumblebee Capacitors

    I like PIO caps.
  17. Lipinhu

    gibson les paul traditional pro

    In order of appearance... Trad, Trad Pro I Trad Pro II If, ever, I had to sell one it would be the traditional...
  18. Lipinhu

    Ultimate setup. J. Page

    VisionGuitar on ebay. Tell them I've sent you...
  19. Lipinhu

    Just bought new 2014 LemonBurst Les Paul Classic

    Nice guitar :dude: How many pieces is the back made out of? Just curious...
  20. Lipinhu

    Les Paul Traditional Pro - multi or one piece body?

    I have three trads. 2011 Trad Pro - 1 piece 2010 Trad - 2 piece 2013 Trad ProII - 1 piece All sound good...

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