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    PRS SE in Bonnie Pink

    It looks like it was made in 2011
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    PRS SE in Bonnie Pink

    It's a SE Custom 24. I don't know the year it was made sorry.
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    PRS SE in Bonnie Pink

    I got this like 2 months ago. This is a SE in Bonnie Pink made only for one store in Japan.
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    Buying a Used LP Online

    I did the same thing with my Wolfgang.
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    NGD - Bourbon Burst - My 1st Les Paul!!!

    Very very nice.That Bourbon Burst looks amazing.Enjoy it and play the hell out of it.
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    Ngd lpc

    Nice enjoy it.
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    Interesting Call with Gibson Customer Service

    Gibson's CS is ****. They didn't send my authorized Gibson tech the circuit board for my 2015 LPj for almost 2 months.I called and ask if they could send it to or him. All I got was NO. Now I just buy used Gibson's. Oh yes a week after my call the circuit board went to my tech.I love the...
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    Natural Quilt Les Paul Custom

    Very nice but that price is crazy. I mean it costs more then my 18 year old BMW 5 series.:laugh2:
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    NGD and new to MLP

    Very nice . Now go and play the hell out of it.
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    Gibson Les Paul Junior 2015

    I like my 2015. Go and play one. If you like it buy it if not walk. I also like the robo-tuners.
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    NGD - Les Paul Traditional. And it's a 2015!

    Very nice.Enjoy it.
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    I finally played a 2015

    All I know of my 2015 LPJr. is it looks great and sounds amazing. I like the feel of the neck and the g-force tuner works great.So it basically really comes down to play a few. (YMMV)
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    NGD! 2015 Les Paul Deluxe

    Congratulations on the new guitar. Love the color. Now go and play the hell out of it.
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    NGD 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Vintage Sunburst

    I really like it. If you do a lot of bar gigs this is for you. Because we all love hearing everyone tuning up at the same time. It stays in tune very well. But I just got it so I have some more tinkering to do.
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    NGD 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Vintage Sunburst

    What did you think about it? And thanks.
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    NGD 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Vintage Sunburst

    I just picked this up a few days ago. I got to say it plays and sounds great. The set up was fantastic from the factory. The neck is just a bit wider from my 2011 LP Trad. Pro slim taper neck. I like the robo-tuner also.
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    2015 LPS getting bad wrap

    I played a junior the other day and really liked it. But with every thing what someone hates others love.
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    Post your MIJ Fender!!

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