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  1. arc anjil

    Bad pickup?

    Need some help guys. 2012 Epi LP w/ probuckers, both pickups on and at 10. During playing I'll start to get squealing feedback. I flip the switch to the neck pup only and the squealing stops instantly. Pickup gone bad? Thanks.....
  2. arc anjil

    Cherryburst Trad Pro?

    I was in the Ocala GC today and hanging on the guitar wall is a cherryburst Trad Pro plaintop. And it's a very nice plaintop, with actual woodgrain instead of the normal Epi-style plain plaintop (no visible woodgrain). Now, the Epi website not only lists the Trad Pro as only in ebony and...
  3. arc anjil

    Epiphone amp question

    On the main page of the Epiphone website is an ad for the EJ-200CE. Pictured with it is an Epiphone amp that I can find no info on. Anyone know what it is?
  4. arc anjil

    No 2014 plaintop bursts?

    Looked over the 2014 LP's on Gibson's website and I cannot find any plaintop bursts. Did I miss something? Same thing at Epiphone's website: no plaintop burst LP's.
  5. arc anjil

    Vonhatski - anyone try one yet?

    According to the website, there are yet to be any US dealers. For now, only UK. Decent sounding amp (I know, an elephant fart can be made to sound amazing before it goes out on YT). Just wondering if it really is as good as it looks.....
  6. arc anjil

    Opinions Request: Amp Configuration

    I'm not getting any younger and my amp, a combo unit, is (seemingly) getting heavier. I'm thinking of getting a head and two 2x12 cabs. Would this not make it easier to haul around? More trips, yeah, but I can still walk. It's the lugging a 60 lb. tube amp with one hand that's getting hard...

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