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    PRS SE in Bonnie Pink

    I got this like 2 months ago. This is a SE in Bonnie Pink made only for one store in Japan.
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    NGD 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Vintage Sunburst

    I just picked this up a few days ago. I got to say it plays and sounds great. The set up was fantastic from the factory. The neck is just a bit wider from my 2011 LP Trad. Pro slim taper neck. I like the robo-tuner also.
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    WTS/WTT Peavey Wolfgang USA Green Archtop Hardtail FS/FT $1500 OBO Local Sale NY 845

    WTS/WTT Peavey Wolfgang USA Deluxe Green Archtop Flame Hardtail FS/FT $1500 OBO Local sale (845) Area Lower Hudson Valley NY /(201)NJ North Bergen Area Peavey Wolfgang USA Deluxe green archtop flame hardtail in great shape. Comes with aftermarket case “TKL”. All stock and comes from...
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    2012 Les Paul Studio faded blue good/bad whats the out come?

    I'm thinking about picking one up. I would like to know what the out come on the faded line of 2012 is.Also is $400 good for one?
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    The new 213 Les Paul Custom Lite

    Not mine but just played this at my local and it kicks ass. Looks like someone forgot the 0.
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    NGD Peavey Wolfgang

    Just picked this up. Peavey Wolfgang USA Hardtail.
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    When selling a Fake remember to reference this web site

    We all deal with scumbags trying to sell a fake on CL. This scam artist had the balls to point to this web site to prove his fake was real. It thought I entered bizarro land when I saw that. Me)That Guitar is a fake. The SN# is fake . The Vol and tone knobs are in the wrong place. And new...
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    Thinking of putting my 2011 SG 61' RI for trade

    What do you guys think would be a equal trade for my guitar? Its in very nice shape.It was made before the raid stuff. I don't know if that means anything or not. Trade does not have to me a Gibson.
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    Value and info help on 2000 Studio

    I was hopping someone could help me out. 2000 Les Paul Studio, Green
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    LP jr. with P90 ok for Metal/Hardrock?

    Looking into a LP jr. with a P90 . How is the stock pickup for the heavier side of rock? Or would an upgrade rally be needed and from who and what kind?
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    Anyone put a SD SH-11(Custom Custom) in a Trad. Pro?

    I got a SD SH-11 I'm not using. Has anyone put one in a Trad. Pro or any other LP? Likes? Dislikes?
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    Check out my new Les Paul

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    Poor Poor Les Paul Studio

    Apparently I will not find a better looking Les Paul.I offered him my Squier Tele in trade. But I really think he would be getting the better end of the trade. Mint 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio Hotroded
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    First Les Paul day.

    Just traded my EBMM 2009 JP6 for this 2009 Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro. I got to say I'm really happy I did it.
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    Noob neck size and pricing help

    Hey guys I need your input on a few things. After 25 years of playing I got the Les Paul bug. Now I really like the neck on my SG 61' reissue with the slim taper. What Les Paul model would get me closest to that? Now with the pricing. I have a budget of $1500 and if I really have to I can go...
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    Whats the going rate for a Les Paul Classic 1960 Reissue?

    I'v been seeing a few Les Paul Classic 1960 reissue's pop up here on craigslist and was wondering what the going rate is for them? I have an eye on one but I think its a bit high. They are trying to sell them between $2000-$2400. Anything I should be on the look out for with these guitars...
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    Is this Les Paul Custom worth $6000?

    Its a nice looking guitar but is it worth the asking price:confused: Gibson Les Paul Custom
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    What kinda tuners are on a SG 61 reissue(2011)?

    The Gibson website says they are Grover Kluson style green keys. But the backs of the tuners say Gibson Deluxe. So what are they :confused:
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    Best replacement tuners for 61 reissue SG

    what would be the best tuners and or locking tuners for a 2011 SG 61 reissue?
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    Ernie Ball MusicMan JP6

    2009 MM JP6

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